EXPOSED: Young Migrants Sleeping Under Bridge, In The Dirt, Wrapped In Foil (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on April 2, 2021

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Why are reporters being blocked from visiting these sites? Simple. After years of politicizing conditions under Trump as deplorable, they dare not let the public see how much worse they have become.

[Scroll down for the video]

When Obama-era photos of ‘kids in cages’ were released by Obama operatives, the left turned the outrage up to eleven and broke off the knob.

Time Magazine ran a bogus photo of a child ‘separated’ from her mother (she was never separated from her mother) on their cover and shopped it whip up emotion in attacking Trump. Fake News: Time Confesses Cover Story Of Border Kid Separated From Mom Never Happened

Trump offered to work on solving immigration — including DACA — if Democrats would commit to securing the border. They didn’t WANT that problem solved. Because then they can’t bring in thousands more from parts unknown with neither affection of, nor commitment to, America’s traditions or history.

The press couldn’t get enough stories about the hardships (real or imagined) suffered by all of these wonderful people Mexico’s Criminal cartels are bringing across the border for us, for no other reason or ulterior motive than the goodness of their criminal hearts, surely.

Now that Joe sits behind the irresolute desk, and has explicitly forsaken any interest in defending our laws or borders, the left has not merely lost interest in reporting on the border, they are self-censoring in Joe’s favor. Associated Press Memo Tells Reporters To Not Refer To Surge Of Migrants At The Border A ‘Crisis’

Even elected Democrats are more interested in getting this story out to the public than the career journalists are — because they dare not disturb King Biden from quietly subverting everything on which the nation has been built.

After hosting Rep. Henry Cueller (D-TX) on her show to discuss this problem, CBS’s Margaret Brennan made it clear that Joe Biden’s ‘transparent’ administration is preventing the journalists from doing their jobs.

“And I just want to point out that we’re showing your photos because journalists are being blocked largely by the Biden administration from bringing our own cameras inside to do that firsthand reporting, which is why we’ve identified as being provided by you,” Brennan later added. — DailyWire

Traditional journalists may have been blocked from doing their jobs. But that doesn’t mean everyone is prevented from getting the truth out.

Project Veritas is doing a fantastic job of getting secret video from places like this past the best efforts of Biden’s people from keeping their government’s dirty secrets buried.

From their release:

Project Veritas released a new video today showing migrants being held under the Anzalduas International Bridge, by Border Patrol agents.

A Brave Insider felt compelled to record and send never-before-seen footage to Project Veritas, in an effort to illustrate the inhumane conditions illegal immigrants — many of them minors – face while in custody.

The area under the bridge was converted into a makeshift processing center for Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), due to the overflow of normal detention facilities near the Southern Border.

In the clip, dozens of migrants are seen sleeping on dirt with nothing but a space blanket and the clothes on their backs.

What we are seeing from these insiders and whistleblowers is exactly the kind of courage we need to stop a government that’s drunk on its own unchecked political power.

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