GUTFELD: Here’s His Opening-Night Monologue That Has Late Night Looking Over Its Shoulder

Written by Wes Walker on April 6, 2021

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Greg Gutfeld, with his Saturday show on FoxNews was crushing the ratings numbers of ‘competition’ with their 5 nights of late-night woke ‘comedy’. Now Greg is on 5 nights a week.

Brian Stelter, because Fox News is his favorite topic, had something to say about it…


We could explain to him that Fox News has the same format of repeating their PM lineup after a several-hour delay that CNN does, but that might be a little like teaching a pigeon to play chess.

He’s feigning disinterest. We’ll see how much disinterest he can feign when that translates into yet another crushing beatdown of CNN’s cratering ratings now that they can no longer endlessly rant against OrangeManBad.

They have every reason to be nervous. Greg Gutfeld is doing what they have long since forgotten how to do… use wit.

The problem with being aligned with the Democrat ‘resistance’ like they are, is that it makes your comedy lazy and predictable. ‘Blah, blah, blah, Republicans suck — get it?’ can only take you so far.

Gutfeld, on the other hand, isn’t afraid to say the things that could piss off anybody he thinks might have it coming — friend or foe.

We really haven’t seen wit, humor, and commentary put together successfully since . . . Jon Stewart. Greg might be the first to reverse that trend.

He hit some of the obvious targets — Joe, Kamala. With a nod in Hunter’s direction.

He hit some of the supposed rivals he is up against — his digs at Kimmel, Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah were on point.

Kicked around some of the issues of the day — including cancel culture.

When he went after Major League Baseball, he was swinging for the fences, and he connected solidly… and then on Corporations more generally.

Your move, prissy leftist late-night comics.