Here Are Dozens Of Times Democrats And Their Corporate Media Sycophants Pushed The B.S. ‘Russian Bounty’ Story (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on April 16, 2021

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The “Russians paying bounties” for U.S. Troops in Afghanistan was given wall-to-wall media coverage before the election and even made an appearance in the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates.

In a stunning reversal of a major story pushed by the corporate media and Democrats before the election, Adam Rawnsley, Spencer Ackerman, Asawin Suebsaeng at the Daily Beast have revealed that it was all bunk.

The subheading is quite telling, “It was a huge election-time story that prompted cries of treason. But according to a newly disclosed assessment, Donald Trump might have been right to call it a ‘hoax.’”

It was a blockbuster story about Russia’s return to the imperial “Great Game” in Afghanistan. The Kremlin had spread money around the longtime central Asian battlefield for militants to kill remaining U.S. forces. It sparked a massive outcry from Democrats and their #resistance amplifiers about the treasonous Russian puppet in the White House whose admiration for Vladimir Putin had endangered American troops.

But on Thursday, the Biden administration announced that U.S. intelligence only had “low to moderate” confidence in the story after all. Translated from the jargon of spyworld, that means the intelligence agencies have found the story is, at best, unproven—and possibly untrue.

“The United States intelligence community assesses with low to moderate confidence that Russian intelligence officers sought to encourage Taliban attacks on U.S. and coalition personnel in Afghanistan in 2019 and perhaps earlier,” a senior administration official said.

“This information puts a burden on the Russian government to explain its actions and take steps to address this disturbing pattern of behavior,” the official said, indicating that Biden is unprepared to walk the story back fully.
Source: Daily Beast(Emphasis Added)

It was first published by the New York Times (of course) then it was “verified” by the Washington “Democracy Dies In Darkness” Post, the Wall Street Times, and the Associated Press. This is how it became The Gospel Truth™.

Joe Biden pushed this on several occasions as he (sort-of) campaigned.

While hiding in his basement…

He called it a “dereliction of duty” on Trump’s part for not acting on it during a campaign event.

Again from his basement…

At the Democratic Convention…

During a townhall event in October…

During the Presidential debate…

In one of the few one-on-ones with a reporter…

This particular clip doesn’t age well since a very weak Biden threatened to put two Navy Destroyers into the Black Sea after Russia has continued to increase its military presence near the border of Ukraine, but pulled back after Russia warned the U.S. to stay away “for their own good.” When Biden blinked, Putin cut off access to the Kerch Strait for foreign warships until the fall.

So much for “confronting” Putin and telling him to “knock it off.”

It was also used in the Vice Presidential Debate by Kamala Harris to bash the Trump Administration.

NowThis, a leftwing “media” outlet that creates viral videos also pushed this story.

You could say that left-wing advocacy groups “pounced” on the story…

Drew Holden, preeminent maker of Twitter threads had a real doozy on the media’s push to smear Trump. The Washington Post even gave him 4 Pinocchios for disputing the story. It’s so shameful when you can’t even trust the overtly partisan fact-checkers.

Isn’t this the sort of thing that Project Veritas has been exposing over at CNN?

Part 1: Propaganda
Part 2: Deliberately manipulating viewers
Part 3: Pushing one narrative despite evidence to the contrary

This “Russian Bounty” story was a clear case of a “wrap-up smear” tactic that Speaker Nancy Pelosi explained in 2017.

Thanks for explaining it, Nance!

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