CHIMERA: Man-Monkey Hybrids Created In Chinese Labs … What Could POSSIBLY Go Wrong?

Written by Wes Walker on April 16, 2021

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For people who were already tied in knots about the implications of GMO foods, China has just cranked that ethical dilemma up to eleven.

Ok, so maybe we won’t have to worry about watching the Planet Of the Apes storyline play out. But that doesn’t make the related problems any less serious.

Or have we all suddenly forgotten that we’re still cleaning up the mess that came with a virus that swept the globe after jumping species from bat to human — with many questions still lingering about the degree of involvement of a certain Level 4 Research lab in Wuhan in how, precisely, that virus made the jump.

Forgive our skepticism in thinking the same country’s scientific community might be more interested in getting across a finish line than they are in grappling with the wide range of ethical implications before they charge ahead into the unknown.

A lab in China is hosting experiments that are not even legal in many other parts of the world. There’s a reason they aren’t legal.

Just because you CAN push ahead with a medical or scientific ‘advancement’ doesn’t mean it is a good idea.

Josef Mengele IS still one of history’s great villains, isn’t he? He isn’t remembered for any of his contributions to science, so much as his failures to ground his science in ethics. Is China — who has very well-documented internment camps of their own — taking us down a similar road, in the name of ‘science’?

Scientists say they have created the world’s first human-monkey hybrid in a laboratory in China.

The researchers, who want to use animals to create organs for human life-saving transplants, say creating the hybrid was an important step.

And they pledged to continue their experiments using primates.

The team revealed that they had injected human stem cells capable of creating any type of tissue into a monkey embryo.

The experiment was stopped before the embryo was old enough to be born.

But the scientists – who were Spanish but held the trial in China to get round a ban on such procedures at home – said a human-monkey hybrid could have potentially been born. — Independent

This isn’t the first time they have done such hybrids, nor will it be the last.

Juan Carlos Izpisua, who created the world’s first human-pig hybrid in 2017 and led the latest experiment, said: “We are now trying not only to move forward and continue experimenting with human cells and rodent and pig cells, but also with non-human primates. Our country is a pioneer and a world leader in these investigations.” — Independent

Did they miss the Big Idea from Jurassic Park?

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, for one thing — how long is it before someone’s scientific curiosity about what this human/animal hybrid actually becomes?

What does having a ‘bridge’ species do to our understanding of legal rights and protections?

What new disease vector risks are opened up by a human/primate, human/pig, human/rodent cross?
If you thought COVID was a problem, what would this mean for, say, Black Death or other diseases like Anthrax that remain relatively contained within rodent populations, but cause catastrophic results when introduced into the human population?

Will some unscrupulous soul look for opportunities to breed such hybrids as a new opportunity to ‘legal’ slave labor? Or breed them for whatever secret horrors unfolded on Epstein Island, without the usual legal consequences?

The question of slavery brings us to another question… one that will be of interest to the race agitators who have so much clout in the West right now.

Where did they get the human cells for these experiments? Is there a particular ethnic group whose biology they are playing around with?

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