LEAKED: Headmaster Of Elite NYC School AGREES With Fired Teacher, ‘We’re Demonizing White People For Being Born’

Written by K. Walker on April 20, 2021

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A recording released by a teacher who was fired from an elite New York school for complaining publicly about the demonization of white students in the name of “anti-racism” shows that the headmaster agrees with him.

Paul Rossi was a math teacher at Grace Church School in NYC until Monday when he was fired for pushing back on the “woke” indoctrination of students in an article posted to Bari Weiss’s Substack. It’s titled, “I Refuse to Stand By While My Students Are Indoctrinated.”

Paul Rossi

Rossi claims that for the $57,000 per year tuition, students are being taught that simply being white is akin to perpetuating white supremacy and that the “antiracism” training forces teachers to treat students differently based on their race. He adds that the “antiracism: education “induces students via shame and sophistry to identify primarily with their race before their individual identities are fully formed.” He says that he could no longer stand by silently while he saw the harm it was causing in his students. His vocal opposition cost him his job.

The math teacher who was pulled from his classes at Grace Church School after criticizing the school’s anti-racism policies released audio Tuesday of an explosive phone call in which the head of school made an astonishing admission – that ‘we’re demonizing white people for being born.’

Paul Rossi, the teacher, released the audio on Twitter Tuesday morning of a phone conversation with George Davison that he said occurred March 2. The two are apparently talking about the whole woke movement in schools and how authority figures are making white students feel inherently racist…

…Grace Church School teacher Paul Rossi was ousted from the classroom Monday after he accused the school of ‘indoctrinating’ students with antiracist lessons ‘at the cost of students’ psychological and intellectual development’.

In an essay shared on former New York Times editor Bari Weiss’s Substack, Rossi said he could no longer stay silent while ‘witnessing the harmful impact’ that the curriculum has on children.

On Tuesday, Rossi released audio of a conversation that he had with Headmaster George Davison on March 2, 2021.

George Davison

The audio was posted to the Twitter account for the Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism (FAIR).

Here is the transcript of the audio followed by the first tweet.

ROSSI: Let me ask you something, George, because I think there’s something very different about having a single experience where you make sense of it, right, and having a teacher — an authority figure — talk to you endlessly, every year telling you, that because you have whiteness, you are associated with evils — all these different evils. These are moral evils, it’s not the same as taking a physical thing, because it doesn’t affect your moral value. That’s the problem.

DAVISON: The fact is that I’m agreeing with you, that there has been a demonization that we need to get our hands around, in the way in which people are doing this understanding.

ROSSI: Ok, so you agree that we’re demonizing kids.

DAVISON: We’re demonizing.. ki– we’re demonizing white people, for being born.

ROSSI: And, are some of our students white people?


ROSSI: And, are some of our students white people?


ROSSI: Ok, so we’re demonizing white kids. Why don’t you just say it?

DAVISON: We are using language that makes them feel less than, for nothing that they are personally responsible for.

Here is the transcript of the second tweet’s audio clip with the tweet below.

DAVISON: You can have… and I’m happy to keep debating and I don’t actually have any doubt — because I’ve known you for nine years — of your sincerely held belief. And, I also have… um… grave doubts about some of the doctrinaire stuff that gets spouted at us in the name of antiracism.

ROSSI: Like what?

DAVISON: And so, I don’t disagree entirely with your point of view.

ROSSI: Can you elaborate? Because it would help me — help me understand what’s going on.

DAVISON: I think, that one of the things that is going on a little too much — and we’ve talked about this — is that… um… the demonization of being white, um, and the attempt to link anybody who is white to the perpetuation of white supremacy.

ROSSI: Thank you! Thank you, George!

DAVISON: So there is no question, that there is an entire strain in here, that, um, causes a misinterpretation. Now I am someone…

ROSSI: Whoa, whoa! But what about the impact over intent? Don’t those kids get the benefit of impact over intent?

The final portion is transcribed, again with the tweet following.

DAVISON: Our attempt is going to be to get everybody centered again.

ROSSI: Alright, um, I will tell you, that is a huge task, because we are, if you try to do that, um, there are already — the barn door’s open and they’re all in the barn. They’re fighting a revolution that you don’t even know they’re fighting. And Grace — they’re gonna hollow out Grace and move onto the next institution. That’s what’s gonna happen. Like..

DAVISON: I think that they’ve hollowed out a bunch of other ones ahead of us, so…

ROSSI: Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. You’re just a little stone in the path. This beautiful, wonderful institution that’s educated so many children over almost a century.

DAVISON: Over a century.

A former parent of the school, who identified himself as C Bell, commented on his essay that students are being forced to undertake controversial lessons focused on ‘antiracism, equity and belonging’.

He said: ‘I’m a former parent. My son had Paul Rossi. Sadly, Mr. Rossi’s account is not hyperbole.

‘One week out of the month is now fully devoted to CRT (not academics).

‘Grace was in the news earlier this year as well for it’s language guide, which suggested (among other things) that students and teachers say folks or parents or family and not specifically mom and dad because not all kids have mom and dads and such a person might be offended if you ask about their mom and dad.

‘The goal of education cannot be to eliminate all possibility of offense.’
Source: Daily Mail

This comes as Weiss posted an open letter from the parent of a former student at a different elite NYC educational institution, Brearly, explaining that it was the “woke” agenda that forced him to pull his daughter from the $54,000 a year school.

In March, Weiss posted another article on her Substack that affluent parents were very concerned about the “woke” indoctrination in elite schools, but are afraid to speak out. 

Now, as Rossi said in his phone call to Davison, the barn door is open and a few are willing to speak out. And it turns out, the administration is just as afraid as the parents.

This is why we need to push back on this racism being taught as “antiracism” — even the administration knows what it is and they’re too afraid to push back.

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