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1,200 Church Leaders Take Stand Over Dangerous Precedent Of COVID Passport

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Finally, an issue that reminded the Church that their mission involves something bigger than just schlepping this pebble for another day.

There’s a lot more to life than not dying from pathogen Xi. And seeing our freedoms slip away seems to have reminded some of our leaders about that fact… in some places, anyway.

With panic being the coin of the realm, people are looking for whatever assurances they can find to give them a facade of peace. Some countries have started turning to a ‘passport’ where having evidence of vaccination is the way to reenter ordinary life — booking a flight, attending a concert, all kinds of different things that one might want to do will require proof of vaccination.

There are all kinds of reasons that would be a bad idea… ranging from requiring a medically unnecessary procedure for people who have already developed antigens due to surviving it in the first place, to all the sorts of reasons that come to mind when we think of Big Tech information breeches.

Now that Boris and UK are floating the idea of these COVID passports, the country that gave us the Magna Carta and our modern system of jurisprudence has just woken up to exactly what that could portend…and they aren’t happy about it.

Twelve hundred church leaders penned an open letter to the government.

In an open letter, the Chuch leaders, Anglican and Catholic alike, warned that domestic vaccine passports are “one of the most dangerous policy proposals” in the history of the United Kingdom.

“There is also a legitimate fear that this scheme would be the thin end of the wedge leading to a permanent state of affairs in which COVID vaccine status could be expanded to encompass other forms of medical treatment and perhaps even other criteria beyond that,” the Christian leaders wrote.

“This scheme has the potential to bring about the end of liberal democracy as we know it and to create a surveillance state in which the government uses technology to control certain aspects of citizens’ lives. As such, this constitutes one of the most dangerous policy proposals ever to be made in the history of British politics,” they warned.

“We risk creating a two-tier society, a medical apartheid in which an underclass of people who decline vaccination are excluded from significant areas of public life.”

The church leaders said that they would be compelled to “vigorously” resist any potential Acts of Parliament to bar worshipers from attending services based on their vaccination status, saying that to “shut out those deemed by the state to be social undesirables would be anathema to us and a denial of the truth of the Gospel.”

“We call on the government to assert strongly and clearly that it will not contemplate this illiberal and dangerous plan, not now and not ever,” the Christian group concluded. —Breitbart

If the ‘woke’ and supine Anglicans of the United Kingdom can dig deep and find their balls on this issue…

Will the church in America take a stand, too?

Or nah?

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