LIBERTY: The Inheritance Of ALL Americans, Not An Elite Few

Written by Allan Erickson on April 18, 2021

“Liberty is not built on the doctrine that a few nobles have a right to inherit the

Elitist autocrat Joe Scarborough at MSNBC says Deplorables live in caves and chew tobacco, that anyone who questions Dr. Fauci’s pandemic policies is a moron.

Fact: for more than a year Dr. Fauci has been found saying one thing, then the opposite, over and over, spreading confusion, as people die and liberties evaporate.

Scarborough would have us blindly follow Fauci and the elitists he caters to, elitists Scarborough worships in the face of serial failures made worse by a President who throws open the border inviting spikes in infection rates.

Fauci and the elites made sure we cannot readily use hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin, two proven and inexpensive medications, while they pushed experimental vaccines that are possibly doing more harm than good! We are called morons for asking questions, for asserting our God-given rights, for seeking truth and real solutions instead of chasing illusions and catering to selfish agendas?

In light of all this, the words of John Adams bring a certain clarity so desperately needed when we are confronted by lies 24/7:

“We have a right to them (our liberties), derived from our maker. Our forefathers have earned and bought liberty for us at the expense of their ease, their estates, their pleasures and their blood. Liberty is not built on the doctrine that a few nobles have a right to inherit the earth. No! No! It stands on this principle: That the meanest and lowest of the people are, by the unalterable, indefeasible laws of God and nature, as well entitled to the benefit of the air to breathe, light to see, food to eat and clothes to wear as the nobles or the king. That is liberty… and liberty will reign in America!”

Please someone show me where Scarborough and Fauci have a right to infringe upon our liberties by setting and promoting policies that have failed to win the fight against the pandemic, policies that have only weakened us, suspended our liberties, and destroyed our economy! By what authority do Fauci and others dictate to us and our elected representatives?!

Allan Erickson
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