LMAO: Left’s Favorite Scientist Gets OBLITERATED … On His Home Turf

Written by Wes Walker on April 14, 2021

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When the social media account of an obscure processed meat company can destroy a public figure in his area of ‘expertise’ maybe it’s time to call it quits.

Neil Degrasse Tyson is beloved by the Left not just because he shares their politics, but also because he is a militant atheist who goes out of his way to take jabs at Christians generally, and faith in God in particular.

Of the various clubs he uses to beat on his victims, his favorite is citing science. The left sees no problem in that at all. Nor would they.

After all, they blur the lines between facts and dogma in their politics all the time. Just look at their treatment of politics, sex, religion, race, and the environment. Their outrage looks more like inquisitors chasing heretics to destroy them, rather than citizens engaging other citizens to convince them.

When those lines between science and dogma become blurred, that has a name. It’s called ‘scientism’ and it is anything BUT scientific in the traditional understanding of the word.

This is the danger behind ‘believe the science’.

With that background set up, you can now properly enjoy the beauty of this drama playing out.

How often is it that you get to see a meat company beat down a physicists’ bad science by using good philosophy?

Enjoy the show:

The teaser.

Someone took the bait.

Here comes the beatdown. (Or is it ‘meat-down’?)

A little louder for those in the back…

And for the devotees of scientism who don’t see why ‘believe the science’ is actually contrary to the proper use of science?

David Burge puts it all into proper perspective.

If we had such a thing as an honest media, they would have run the Democrat/media ‘believe the science’ talking points through the ringer over this past year.

But they were too busy being all-in on their preferred COVID narrative, weren’t they?