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NY’s ‘Luv Gov’ Received $4 Million For Pandemic Leadership Book As His Office Covered Up Nursing Home Deaths

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While the Governor’s Office in New York was covering up thousands of nursing home deaths, the Governor inked a multi-million dollar book deal on his “leadership.”

The COVID pressers by Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) had many glued to their screens in the early days of the pandemic when New York was hit hard with the virus. It was at a time when so many people were under the illusion that it was going to be “15 Days To Slow The Spread.”

The attention clearly went to his head.

He started selling a ghoulish commemorative poster marketed as “New York Tough” and sold through the governor’s website. Now that he’s in the midst of multiple scandals, including the undercounting of nursing home deaths, it’s been removed.

There has long been suspicion that the reason that the number of nursing home deaths was kept under wraps was for financial reasons.

It appears that while he was busy supposedly being a “leader” by bashing both President Trump and New York Mayor Bill deBlasio, and having his office cover up nursing home deaths, he was also busy negotiating a $4-million book deal.

Andrew Cuomo was paid more than $4 million for his controversial book bragging about his handling of the pandemic at the same time that his office was hiding COVID-19 nursing home deaths, according to a report.

Sources told the New York Times the embattled governor of New York state landed the seven-figure deal with publisher Crown for his memoir ‘American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic’.

The outlet, which obtained emails about the book and an early draft, revealed Cuomo began writing the book in mid-June with an early draft written by early July – which closely coincided with the finalizing and the release of the state health department’s July 6 report into COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes.

It transpired this year that the report had grossly undercounted the deaths with Cuomo’s office altering the 9,844 death toll detailed in the first draft to release a lower number of 6,432 to the public.

Cuomo also took aim at New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio in an early draft of his book, branding him ‘one of the worst mayors in modern history’ in a three-page long rant about his longtime foe which was cut from the final version.

The governor released his book on October 13, praising his own leadership during the COVID-19 crisis, despite the pandemic being far from over.

The New York Times notes that the timing of the writing of the book coincides with the deliberate suppression of the nursing home death data by the Governor’s office.

Many people find it rather disturbing that the Governor of New York — who was arguably the most prominent Democrat in the news at that time — was permitted to write a book to cash in on the pandemic and bash the Republican President in an election year. There was a caveat, though — he was not permitted to use his aides in writing his COVID memoir.

However, it appears that some of Cuomo’s staff did work on this book — which is kind of a big deal. If state resources were used in the creation of this book for personal gain, the Governor violated the law. This is the same law that he may have violated when his family, friends, and celebrities were given priority access to COVID tests by the state early in the pandemic when the Average Joe had difficulty scheduling one unless they met very specific criteria.

The Daily Mail reports that DeRosa and Benton said that they “volunteered” to work on the book, but that other aides were involved in “typing or transferring notes.”


They “volunteered” after Cuomo signs a deal for $4 million while cooking the books on the nursing home numbers. Yeah, that’s totally believable.

An email dated June 27 shows Cuomo staffer Stephanie Benton asked an unidentified assistant to print pages of a draft copy of the book and take them to the Executive Mansion to give to the governor.

The same day, Cuomo’s top aide Melissa DeRosa – who last month appeared to admit the state hid the death data from the Trump administration – held an impromptu teleconference with other top aides to talk about the state health department’s report.

Then, on July 5, another female staffer was sent an email asking her to print out a 224-page draft of the book and take it to the Executive Mansion.
Source: Daily Mail

The state health department report — which included the undercounted nursing home death data — was released the next day.

It’s disgusting.

With this $4 million book deal, Governor Cuomo has profited from this pandemic, and despite how awful a leader he’s been during the pandemic:

And yet, the thing he’s getting dragged for on the left is a handful of credible #MeToo accusations. It’s astounding.

Cuomo was everywhere for the past year.

Washed-up lefty celebrities were brought on to help him push mask-wearing, social distancing, and testing — but inevitably ended up singing his praises as a leader. Trevor Noah called himself a “Cuomosexual.”

A fierce, independent feminist “journalist” wrote an article about her crush on the “single and ready to mingle” Luv Gov complete with hair-twirling and “butterflies” and her follow-up fangirling when she got a phone call after publication. Another wrote about her “pang of jealousy” that her “imaginary boyfriend” called another journalist. (Note: Molly Jong-Fast did write a follow-up to her article that it was her “worst take” and her crush turned out to be “Stockholm Syndrome.”)

He went on popular “breakfast television” shows like LIVE! With Kelly & Ryan to promote his book.

Hollywood was so entranced with Cuomo, he was given an Emmy for his pandemic pressers.

Just like Governor Cuomo should be held accountable for all of his terrible actions as a governor and a creepy, creepy man, lefties who promoted him shouldn’t get away with their gushing support of Cuomo. These are the same people that called all Trump supporters “deplorable” and “Nazis” for voting for a non-Democrat, perhaps they should all be painted as supporters of government corruption for standing by the “Luv Gov.”


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