Open Letter To American Officials — What Happened To ‘We The People?’

Written by Allan Erickson on April 21, 2021

President Joe Biden April 19, 2021
Members of the U.S. Congress
Justices of the Supreme Court
All those in the Federal Bureaucracy
State Governors

Dear All:

There is little hope you’ll read and consider seriously these remarks. Even so, We the People deserve a hearing. You may be wondering why your polling is in the basement, or you may not care about such things. Perhaps you will care in contemplating Judgment Day, for every one of us will stand in the dock on that day, to give an account. Meanwhile, at least 100 million Americans want an accounting from you in this day and hour.

We demand an accounting because we possess the God-given authority to make such a demand, and, according to law, you have a responsibility to respond.

This Republic consists of We the People, one nation, under God. You are our servants. You are not our masters. You took an oath. Basically that oath obligates you to serve the People by protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States.

Every single time you violate our Constitution, you betray We the People, an act of treason.

Your entire existence while in office should be focused on serving the People. Instead, we find you serving yourselves. You do less work compared to your counterparts in the private sector yet you earn more money, and when you retire, you enjoy much greater benefits!

Your business boils down to making sure the People are safe and free to pursue Life, Liberty and Happiness, and, it is your duty to secure this nation against all enemies. However, you’ve made it your business to secure your own positions and enrich yourselves in the process.

Thanks to you this country is bankrupt. Few of you address the problem you caused, leaving the country vulnerable.

Most of you exploit this pandemic for personal and professional gain. By needless lockdowns and sanctions you destroy many thousands of businesses and many millions of lives.

Serious allegations of election fraud backed by evidence are ignored, a fatal blow to any Republic.

Our borders are essentially non-existent and the resulting illegal migration of millions of foreign nationals injures our country and her people in innumerable ways, yet you turn a blind eye and a deaf ear.

You cater to radicals, pay off lobbyists, allow China to steal us blind, surrender to foreign powers, and sell us out on many fronts, then sneer when patriots demand a reckoning. You spill our blood and squander our resources, playing games with people’s lives, pretending no one sees.

And you denigrate the high honor and privilege that comes with holding office in this wonderful country.

Beg the People’s forgiveness, get right with God, change your ways, stop the sideshows and the intentional efforts to destroy, and save the nation, or suffer the everlasting shame that comes with betrayal and treason.

Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012, serves on the board of He is available to speak in churches addressing the topics of faith and freedom. Register & Vote! Contact: