This Police Response To Chauvin’s Verdict Undermines The Entire Activist Narrative

Written by Wes Walker on April 21, 2021

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To hear Biden/Kamala and the other Dems spin it, the police are hopelessly and institutionally corrupt, absolutely seething with racism… like the rest of America. Is that accurate?


Not even the prosecuting attorney wanted this trial to be an indictment of the institution of all police.

Quite the opposite, he presented this as reclaiming the honor of good police by properly dealing with one guy who had done something wrong.

The focus was on failure to abide by policy protocols, safety measures, and correct policing practices that are put in place specifically to prevent use of force situations from taking a dark and dangerous turn.

He presented Chauvin’s failure to act according to those established protocols to be what cost George Floyd his life, not the system itself.

Here’s what the spokesman for 356,000 police


The verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin has been reached.

Our system of justice has worked as it should with the prosecutors and defense presenting their evidence to the jury, which then deliberated and delivered a verdict. The trial was fair and due process was served. We hope and expect that all of our fellow citizens will respect the rule of law and remain peaceful tonight and in the days to come.

As I said yesterday, our First Amendment freedoms are sacred. The men and women serving their communities — law enforcement officers from numerous agencies as well as the National Guard — are there to protect you and defend your rights as Americans. We urge you to regard them as guardians of the peace and we urge members of all our communities to be safe and to make good decisions when making their voices heard.

Please, stay safe.

The Fraternal Order Of Police is the largest law enforcement labor organization in the United States, with more than 356,000 members.

What is the takeaway here?

A jury comprised of jurors across racial lines, together with a judge and the police themselves endorsed the conviction of an officer they all agreed had operated beyond his authority.

To hear Joe Biden and his ‘Jim Crow’ blather, you might think this was something on which Democrats and Republicans disagreed.

No. This is what Senator Scott (R-SC) had to say about he conviction:

‘I think our justice system is getting more just, I’m thankful for the verdict and certainly thought it was murder… this reinforces a commitment that we can have confidence that the justice system is becoming more just’

A quick reminder — what justice system IS it that found a cop to have been guilty in this system?

The one we fought a War of Independence to establish.

The one handed down to us by the Framers.

They want to pull that down. And replace it with what?

They don’t know. But we DO know that it will NOT include a presumption of innocence.

It sounds like they are trying to reverse history and replace the American Revolution with the French Revolution. (The French Revolution, in turn, was the grand-daddy of the Russian revolution that unleashed Lenin’s Communism on the world.)

The mob (or whatever revolutionary group captures the state) gets to declare their enemies guilty, and execute them without trial. Look up ‘Reign of Terror’ for context.

If they get emboldened enough to demand a nationalized police force to replace the locally accountable one, you will know they are eyeing a police state that can enforce their political will upon their enemies.

Because there have been zero issues with the FBI, CIA, or IRS becoming politicized or going rogue, right?

Keep a close eye on what ‘reforms’ the left demands. And ask a LOT of questions.