States’ AGs Lining Up To Sue Biden Over Reckless, Radical, Lawless Policies

Written by Wes Walker on April 12, 2021

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States have been taking a beating over Biden’s endless orders by FIAT that blow off existing law and put new policies in place. They are pushing back.

Arizona AG Mark Brnovich sat down with Maria Bartiromo to talk about what’s motivating so many states to bring lawsuits against Biden’s administration.

For one thing, there’s revenue loss. When Biden ordered no more drilling on federal land, States lost money.

If the States get a half-share of revenue, and that’s suddenly gone, that suddenly puts a pretty big hole in some State budgets… in a year that has just gutted states’ budgets.

Then there is the obscene Constitutional over-reach, of executing powers that were not Biden’s to wield.

It’s XL Pipeline. It’s drilling and fracking. It’s the crisis at the border, it’s the Second Amendment. All of it, and a lot more.

Team Biden has a ‘fundamental misunderstanding of what the role of Federal Government is.’

That’s an understatement. Either that, or they DO know, and don’t CARE about the real role, and only care about what they can get away with. Four years of calling the other guy ‘authoritarian’ and look where we are just 2 months in to the so-called ‘return to normal’.

‘They are radically changing the country and shifting power from the states to the federal government because they know that when people become dependent on the federal government, they can control them.’

Among the various things at issue are deportations as well as the provision of medical and other benefits through tax dollars to people who broke the law to enter the country while so many US citizens are struggling.