STUDY: Manly Dads Really Do Make Better Dads

Written by Wes Walker on April 10, 2021

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Dads get a ton of negative press – but what does the science tell us?

We’re bombarded with a culture that dismisses fathers as everything to deadbeats, to non-essential to ‘problematic’. But in a society that claims to respect science, let’s put those attitudes toward fatherhood under the microscope.

Even this ‘woke’ news article that tries to frame everything in terms of a feminist viewpoint had to admit that dads really are pretty great.

Not the disengaged, emasculated soy-boy type of dad whose cojones are kept securely in his missus’ handbag, but the honest-to-God real-deal masculine men.

Turns out masculine dads are good dads. Who knew? (Aside from thousands of years of human history?)

Researchers from the Ohio State University found that characteristics such as competitiveness and adventurousness were linked to being better fathers to infants.

While these traits are often seen as old-fashioned male stereotypes, the researchers say that they can result in more positive parenting behaviours.

Professor Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan, who led the study, said: ‘If fathers can preserve the best of these stereotypically masculine characteristics, without the negatives like hostile sexism, that would be good for families.’ —DailyMail

There it is — we warned you there was a ‘woke’ aspect to this study. But even with those inherent biases at play in the study, the researchers couldn’t avoid the obvious conclusion… manly dads are good dads.

In the study, the researchers analysed highly educated men in dual-earner couples to see whether having typically masculine traits improved their parenting skills.

…The men completed questionnaires during the third trimester of their partner’s pregnancy, asking them to rate themselves on a four-point scale on seven typically masculine characteristics – competitive, daring, adventurous, dominant, aggressive, courageous and standing up to pressure.

…Nine months after the child was born, the researchers watched the fathers interact with their babies, both by themselves and with the mother.

…’The fathers who see themselves as competitive and adventurous and the other masculine traits tended to be really engaged with their kids. They were not checked out,’ Professor Schoppe-Sullivan said. —DailyMail

Of course manly men make good fathers. They’re intuitively lining up with the divine template for fatherhood. The example of God Himself.

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