WATCH: Mark Steyn Lights Up Media Eunuchs’ Protection Of ‘Prince Hunter’ & The American ‘Nobility’

Written by Wes Walker on April 10, 2021

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It’s no secret that Democrat activists and media personalities are often the same people. But Mark Steyn rips them a new one for just how corrupt they have let themselves become.

America was founded on the premise of ditching the ideas of Kings and Aristocrats ruling over the rest of us, replacing it with a ‘we the people’ model.

Beltway media insiders are hard at work on recreating an aristocracy that they can exploit and participate in… and they are also hard at work propping up those who will gladly join them in the process.

The DC swamp with Democrats and RINOs love it. They get special protection from unwelcome scrutiny. The bonus? Any rivals outside the ‘club’ get hammered twice as hard to compensate. For them it’s win-win.

You can see this playing out in real-time with how even the confirmed stories around Hunter Biden are being handled compared to the allegations against Matt Gaetz.

Mark used the life and passing of Prince William as the starting point in his observations in how the family members of American Politicians rise to this same aristocrat insider status, with plenty of associated benefits.

Kerri Kupec was in the interview that followed his rant. Who is she? She is the spokesperson for the DOJ who watched, in real-time, as the left closed ranks around the Hunter Biden laptop story that could have changed the outcome of an election.

Of particular interest was the politicization of the intelligence agency to push the lie that this entirely true story was Russian Disinformtion.

It’s the same Big Lie we are seeing the Press push now… to protect the insiders.

It makes you wonder if the Framers would have bothered with giving the press First Amendment protections if they would use it to act as another organ of the state.

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