The White House Press Secretary’s Response To Why The Vice President Is Not Going To The Border Is SHAMEFUL

Written by K. Walker on April 8, 2021

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If the White House Press Secretary thought that this was a witty repartee to such a serious question, she’s completely clueless and should step down.

She won’t though. It’s just not going to happen.

Jen Psaki has been dismissive of the concerns of the American people, dishonest about what the Biden-Harris administration is, and has treated members of the press that remembered what journalism is with mild to moderate contempt. But the Democrats have enough activists singing her praises that none of that seems to matter.

What happened in the White House Briefing Room on Wednesday was pretty standard. It’s been a few weeks since it was announced that Vice President Kamala Harris was going to deal with the metastasizing crisis at the southern border and we’ve heard nothing about that from her or her representatives.

It’s simple — Americans want to know “Where is Kamala?” and why the hell is she zipping across the country talking about vaccines instead of making a trip to the border as the administration’s point-person on this particular issue?

While human traffickers smuggle children across the border for profit and abandon them when it’s convenient, tossing babies into the Rio Grande to avoid capture, and facilities are at over 1,700 percent capacity with statistically high COVID positivity rates, co-President Kamala made a trip to Chicago to visit a vaccine production facility to speak to unionized workers (ie. Democrat loyalists).

The Vice President went to a blue city in a blue state for a partisan photo op. That’s what that was. And while she was there, she had so much time on her hands that she was able to stop off for another photo op at a bakery.

But the tens of thousands of children and families crossing the border? Well, that doesn’t seem to be worth her time or attention right now.

New York Post reporter Steven Nelson posed the question to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Wednesday. Her initial response is absolutely shameful.

She said that the Vice President was in Chicago to tour a vaccine production facility and while she was there, she “got a snack.”

Lest we be accused of “dangerous and derogatory” content, here is the full question and Press Secretary Psaki’s complete answer where she addresses the “root causes” of the border surge.

If dealing with the “root causes” of migrants crossing the border illegally means making the United States less like the freedom-loving and stifling the American Dream, then the Biden-Harris administration is doing a real bang-up job.

However, while the Biden-Harris administration is working very hard at making life awful for people living in America, it’s also incentivizing people to cross the border or worse, send their kids across the border with human traffickers. Free healthcare, free education, clothes, a place to stay, and resources to help them settle in. Despite what they have been claiming, the Biden-Harris administration isn’t deporting families, and they’ve resumed catch-and-release.  Why shouldn’t they come across illegally with their pro-Biden gear? All it costs them is a few thousand dollars and enough courage to travel with human traffickers and they’re golden. No waiting to go through the legal process like a schmuck, and with so many people crossing illegally, it’ll be years before that court date that they don’t have to show up to. It’s a win-win for them.  And they’ll be eternally grateful to their heroes co-Presidents Jamala Biden-Harris who have already discussed amnesty.

It’s all going according to the plan, folks. Just don’t expect the White House Press Secretary to admit it.

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