Today Show Clip About COVID Cases In Lockdown Vs Open States Goes Viral For All The WRONG Reasons

Written by K. Walker on April 9, 2021

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A short segment from the Today Show went viral on Thursday as “experts” expressed confusion about why open states are doing so much better than locked down states in the spread of the virus.

The response on Twitter was something to behold.

The segment begins with NBC’s Sam Brock talking about the “COVID conundrum” about why states with the strictest measures are seeing a rise in cases, and states that have allowed freedom are seeing cases go down.

It’s perplexing to the corporate media shills and the “experts” because they assume that they’re right and there is no other approach to the pandemic than harsh lockdowns — any evidence to the contrary is going to be discredited any day now. Just wait two more weeks…

The idea that they put forward that the rise in case counts is due to a lack of testing is just *chef’s kiss* PERFECT! Do you know why people aren’t getting tested?

It’s either because: a) they’re not actually showing symptoms, b) haven’t been in contact with someone with COVID (which makes sense since the numbers are low), or c) they’re not the terrified sheeple members of the “Fear of Death” cult high on the pandemic porn spewed by the corporate media. In other words, they don’t vote blue.

This is such a great way to discredit the people calling the ‘Rona a “casedemic”… Oh, wait! This does precisely the opposite of that!

Way to go, “experts”!

NBC and the “experts” were soundly mocked in quote tweets by right-wingers and right-leaning journalists:

The CEO of The Babylon Bee asks a great question:

Jenn Holmsted of Misfit Politics made an excellent point:

Siraj Hashmi (formerly of the Washington Examiner) summed it up perfectly…

It’s true! The Libs are (generally) authoritarians that want lockdowns and it’s (generally) the Conservatives that want things open and allow people to take their own precautions as they see fit without the government mandating it.

It’s kind of a dual-owning, though — the Libs kinda owned themselves by reporting on the way that they did.

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