VIRAL VIDEO: Woman On TikTok LOSES It Over People Not Wearing Masks

Written by K. Walker on April 9, 2021

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She seems a bit perturbed…

This woman is very, very upset that there are some people out there in the great, wide world who have exemptions from wearing a mask.

First, let’s listen to her argument.

(LANGUAGE WARNING. Also, you might not want to turn this up too loud if you’re wearing headphones. It gets a bit…shrill.)

Ok, crazy lady.

That was…something.

I have questions…

  1. This clearly obese woman who uses three inhalers and an iron lung is yelling about other people being “weak” for having a mask exemption from their doctor? Alrighty.
  2. If she’s so reliant on inhalers, why is she yelling like that? How is she yelling like that?
  3. Why didn’t she wash/disinfect her hands after she took off her mask (as the CDC recommends) when she was just out in public? Clearly she’s taking this virus seriously, and following all of the Fauci-diktats, right?
  4. Does she really believe that everyone who is not wearing a mask has the virus and is spreading it? Especially after vaccines have been rolled out in a pretty big way?

Calling someone a “f*cking selfish b*tch” for having an exemption to “wear a piece of cloth” on their face to ease the mental anxiety of people like her is just spectacular.

This is your brain on corporate media.

My favorite part is where she wishes that the person not wearing the mask gets the ‘Rona as though that’s some sort of curse. Does she not realize that the recovery rate is over 99%?

The responses to this were pretty epic.

Also, when you’re posting videos on the interwebs, the videos are available on the interwebs.

Here’s the iron-lung Mask Nazi lady filming a video smoking a cigarette while her disabled, incapable-of-working-for-a-living husband is sitting in a car eating directly out of an InstantPot after he allegedly got into a fight with two guys over a driving infraction or something.

It’s really is tough to feel sorry for her.

My suggestions, for her — you know, woman to woman — are as follows…

First, Calm down.

Second, go for a walk to ease some of that aggression, hun. You seem stressed. Caregiver burnout is a real thing, and well, seems like you’re in danger of that. As an added bonus, it might help you drop a few pounds which is better for your overall health. If you want to be there for your family, the best thing you can do for them is take care of yourself.

Third, recognize that your “disabled” husband seems to be playing you for a fool. He’s a lazy, selfish, sack of crap that needs to get off his ass and find himself a job that he can do instead of piling all the pressure onto you. If he can get into a brawl, he can get a job. Period.

Fourth, take some personal responsibility for your own health situation. Admit it, some of this reliance on breathing medication is because of choices you’ve made. It’s disingenuous to condemn other people for their health decisions when you’re clearly making some bad ones yourself.

I’m sure that if you’re reading this, you’re telling me to “mind my own business”, right?

Which brings me to…

And finally, mind your own business. People not wearing masks don’t have to answer to you. They don’t have to disclose their medical history to you, or why they have a mask exemption. It’s not any of your business.

Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.

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