Two Black Lives (Among Many) Lebron Doesn’t Give A D@mn About

Written by Wes Walker on April 27, 2021

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Lebron has a big platform. A loud voice. And a curiously selective sense of outrage.

If we didn’t know better, we’d suspect his political opinions are nothing more than paid political shout-outs purchased by big-money activists.

Come to think of it, that’s a pretty plausible explanation of how he can get out over his skis so badly on all the right hot-button issues while being all but indifferent to others.

Look how Lebron rushed to accuse the Ohio cop who chose to save the life of the girl in pink, rather than let her get stabbed by Ma’Khia.

The life of Ma’Khia mattered to Lebron.

There was a second life there. Did the life of the girl in pink also matter?

The identity of the girl in pink (fortunately) is still not widely reported. But activists are not happy about their tidy narrative being disrupted by a white cop saving a black girl from her black attacker.

Not happy at all.

If they care so much about lives mattering… why is this happening?

Police video this week showed a Columbus officer shot a 16-year-old girl as she was about to stab a woman. That woman went to stay with a relative in Cleveland. Then she called police to report her life is in danger. She told police Friday someone posted her current and former addresses, phone number and picture on social media. That led others to share it on social media.

Then, the woman started seeing “threatening comments” about how she “should be beat or killed.” Someone even posted “they were on their way to her current address to kill her.”

The woman told Cleveland officers that in light of the shooting and what’s happened since she is in “extreme mental anguish.” —Fox8

She literally did nothing wrong. In a political world so narrowly defined in terms of ‘victim’ and ‘oppressor’, you’d think the activist left could see that if ANYONE in this exchange was a genuine victim it was the one staring down the business end of a kitchen knife. But no.

Where is Lebron in telling those who are threatening this woman to back off and leave her alone? Does he not care? Does he only speak up when he’s paid to do so? Is he more interested in the narrative (of whipping up hatred of police) than he is in the actual humanity of any lives his activism leverages?

Are they only lives that matter if they can push an agenda?

It was a good question. One that an account on social media sought to answer by bringing up a beautiful seven-year-old girl who had been murdered by gun violence.

One problem.

The guy holding the gun that killed this girl is a criminal, not a cop.

Does Lebron think her life meant anything?

Let’s find out. If you’re still on Twitter, consider clicking on this and helping it go viral.

It wouldn’t take too many instances of public figures like Lebron to get publicly humiliated on social media by his indifference to the people and causes he supposedly cares about before their performative outrage starts to lose cultural potency.

We have to start somewhere. Why not here?

If you’re going to be the tough guy and the champion, Lebron… listen to OJ’s advice to you and be a little more selective on which cases you jump feet-first into. WATCH: OJ Blasts Lebron Over Anti-Cop Blather … Yes, THAT OJ!

We hope the girl in pink, whoever she is, comes back strong from this ordeal, and fully leans into God’s potential for her life, like these chicas from history did.

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