CCP-Connected Chinese Businessman’s Speech Just Vindicated Trump’s China Policy… Is That News?

Written by Wes Walker on April 5, 2021

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Long before anybody in either party had much to say about the threat China and their illicit business practices were to America, Trump was sounding the alarm bell.

The Biden family? They were too busy cashing in to think of raising any alarms. We have an authenticated laptop and a former staffer’s word to corroborate a Senate investigation to back that up. Not that the press is going to stop slobbering over Biden’s backside long enough to look into any of those allegations, or their national security implications. It’s not like the name Trump is involved in the scandal, so why would they take any interest?

Trump said China was eating our lunch. And Joe something-or-other thought that was funny.

Here’s a clip of a recent speech from a CCP-connected Chinese businessman. Read what he said and ask yourself who had it right, and who was really looking out for American interests?

Zang Qichao, a marketing expert and visiting professor at Xi Jinping’s alma mater, Tsinghua University, told a group of Chinese entrepreneurs that this plagiarism has allowed the regime to take a more aggressive approach to dealing with the U.S.

“We plagiarized wildly, copied wildly,” Zang admitted. “What intellectual property rights? What patented technology? We’ll get it first and deal with it later,” he added.

After four decades, the Chinese Communist Party has “learned everything, and can do everything ourselves,” Zang revealed before adding “When we look back, the factories are ours, the equipment is ours, the technology is ours, the patents are ours.” “The foreigners have all gone,” he emphasized. —NationalPulse

If you want to know what he really said, and hear the full speech in context, it can found by following the story link provided.

That’s interesting. Didn’t Trump have an awful lot to say about China’s Intellectual Property theft, and what it has done to American industry?

Now that Biden’s in office and Trump isn’t around to jackhammer them over it, the Communist Chinese leaders are laughing about it.

Is it because they don’t think Biden has the guts to do anything about it? Or that they’ve got him over a barrel with whatever skeletons Joe has in his closet between his business practices and Hunter Biden?

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