WATCH: Joe Gives Crazy Mixed Messages About Masks And Vaccines

Written by Wes Walker on April 30, 2021

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Joe Biden wants the world to share his enthusiasm in both wearing masks and in getting injections. But he can’t have it both ways.

You’d think the party who holds the levers of power on all the big messaging tools — including media, tech, academia, and Hollywood — would know a thing or two about how to craft a convincing message.

The problem is, their party is stepping on their message because they have multiple goals that conflict with each other.

For those among us who want to put this stupid crisis behind us (this is both for those who think it’s overblown and those who think it’s a dire threat), the end goal was herd immunity.

Herd immunity. It’s the same thing that keeps Americans safe from outbreaks of German Measles, Whooping Cough, and Polio is the end game for getting everyone to stop taking about this damned disease and get on with our lives. It’s what you get when a critical mass of people who have acquired antibodies from either (a) the shot or (b) surviving the infection and recovering keep the virus in check.

Mark Theissen, who believes Democrats are trying to achieve their rabid political goals with profligate spending and then establishing a ‘firewall of power’ by rigging future elections in a way that protect them from the backlash of accountability made another insightful point on The Faulkner Focus.

For those who want to milk this crisis for continued political gain, the mask is an ongoing symbol that the crisis is NOT over. Much of what Democrats have been pushing are using the crisis itself as justification for their aggressive spending and policy changes.

The minute mask-wearing ends, we breathe a sigh of relief that the crisis is over. Is it any wonder that Democrats (and Fauci) are so invested in this? When the crisis is over, panicked people stop looking to them for answers.

Keep that in mind as you hear Biden — sitting eleventy-seven feet away from Craig Melvin, who interviewed him — addresses questions about the mask.

Vaccines have ONE job. Stopping the spread.

He and Melvin both had the vaccine. But Biden would insist on both of them wearing masks if they were sitting closer? Biden just said that he has no confidence in the vaccine doing its job.

It’s a patriotic responsibility to wear it even AFTER we are vaccinated, Joe? With a little casual blasphemy in there, to boot?

The minute he goes there, he immediately changes the risk/reward equations.

The benefit those among us who are at relatively low risk of serious COVID consequences saw from getting this vaccination wasn’t so much motivated by our own health concerns, but by other motivating factors — not wanting to make vulnerable people sick is one, wanting to just get on with it and return to normal life was another.

But Joe just stole the hope of ‘normal life’ away from people.

Whether he knows it or not, he just told the world to trust the mask more than the vaccine.

And considering the mixed messages we’ve been seeing over the masks since January of 2020 — and the relative success of states like Florida and Texas with no mask mandates when compared to New York or California?

That is NOT a comparison he wants people to be making… not if he wants to encourage the public embrace of masks.

But there is always the possibility that he LIKES having the skeptics out there as a foil.

You know, as an excuse for why he really would like to go back to normal life… except for all these ‘neanderthals’ who keep getting in the way of his utopia.

Then it’s not HIS fault… it’s those backward-looking regressives who have kept us from going back to real life.

If you think THAT isn’t coming, you are underestimating what lows they are willing to stoop to in pursuit of power and sidestepping accountability by scapegoating their rivals for anything bad that happens.

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