Who Did It Better: Man Defends Family From Rabid Bobcat OR Little Dogs Chase Bear Out Of Home

Written by Wes Walker on April 17, 2021

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As a bonus, PETA will dislike this story about as much as you like it.

While all the world was busy losing its mind over the usual political double-dealing treachery many of us were busy just living our lives.

Home security video gives us all a window into the wild and crazy things that can happen while we are doing nothing more interesting than going about our lives in our own homes. Or in one case, while we are out at work or running errands while the pets have the run of the house.

In this first video, a guy and his family are on their way between their front door and the driveway. He’s got his coffee and some food in his hand. He comments on his car needing a good wash. He sets his food on the hood so he can open the door, and then … chaos.

On the other side of the car, the woman in the frame screams. He goes to help her and finds… a bobcat attacking her leg.

The footage came with all sorts of comments, as you might expect.

There was a recurring theme:

Now we come to the second contender, where we trade some glorious toxic masculinity for courageous cuteness.

A bear in Pasadena wanders onto the deck, takes a drink from the water feature, sees the door to the kitchen open, and finds his way inside.

Fortunately, they had installed cameras inside as well, because that let us see what happened when the bear wandered into their home. Their little dogs did not appreciate the intrusion.

Bears are adorable and cute and all, but not when you realize an apex predator is strolling through your house.

Those two little dogs may not look like they’ve got much fight in ’em. But when it came time to step up and defend what needed defending? They played the hero.

And when a lady was having her leg attacked by a rabid (yes, rabid) bobcat (it was later put down), the bro stepped up, too. So, what says Clash Nation?

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