About God, We Hyperventilate: Leftists On Creation and Religion

Written by Jeff Davidson on May 16, 2021

As many citizens know, even those on the Left, our nation was founded based on a strong belief in God. The Founding Fathers recognized that the rights of human beings are bestowed by the Creator, not by other people.

The Founders didn’t require that anyone be religious or adhere to any particular religious doctrine. The often misquoted phrase about the “separation of church and state” does not appear anywhere in the U.S. Constitution. The statement was part of Thomas Jefferson’s response in 1802 to a religious association in answer to their letter from October 1801.

Government and Religion

The Danbury Baptists, a religious minority based in Connecticut, lamented that their religious liberty was regarded not as an “immutable right,” but as a privilege granted by the state legislature. Jefferson carefully replied but focused only on religious liberty on the national level.

His letter included the phrase “wall of separation between church and state.” This phrase has served as a type of short-hand for the First Amendment’s “Establishment Clause” which forbids the government from passing any law “respecting an establishment of religion.”

This Establishment Clause forbids the government from establishing an “official” religion and from unduly favoring one religion over another. Any reference to God, per se, is a different issue.

Whom Do You Trust?

Religious sentiment heightened throughout the dark days of the U.S. Civil War, as hundreds of thousands of soldiers died. A clamoring arose for the U.S. to acknowledge the deity, and subsequently the Secretary of the Treasury mandated that the words, “In God We Trust” appear on various federal reserve notes and on all coinage.

In 1956, “In God We Trust” became the official motto of the U.S. Today, this phrase, and the words “one nation under God” in the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance, rankles the Left to no end. Such words have been a sore spot for them for many years. Non-stop, they do their best to deny the existence of any type of creator, let alone God. Further, they seek to ensure that no one else believes in God either.

For many people, it is exceedingly difficult, however, to believe that the entire universe sprang from nothing. No driving force was behind the Creation? For the last 13.5 billion years, the universe has expanded to more than 800 million galaxies, of which our own Milky Way is simply one of the 800+ million. Was no creator involved?

It’s All so Random

An extraordinary amount of denial is required to believe that all which exists is a result of a spontaneous event, occurring at random. Try this: Ask a Lefty about Creation. You‘ll be told either it doesn’t matter or that the universe has always existed, so why claim “God” had anything to do with it?

On scientific grounds, however, the contention that the universe has always existed has been disproven. Newton’s Laws of Thermodynamics reveal that the universe must have had a beginning. Based on his First Law of Thermodynamics, only a finite amount of energy exists in the universe.

Newton’s Second Law of Thermodynamics indicates that the amount of available energy in the universe is forever decreasing. If the universe has always existed, all available energy would have dissipated long before humankind arose on Earth.

The best and sole scientific rationale for the existence of the universe is that a higher intelligence created it. Leftists prefer not to acknowledge physics and it is characteristic of them to embrace the same doctrine as those committed to socialism and communism. They believe in no higher power.

They maintain that the state is the be-all and end-all for the affairs of humankind. They hold that government grants rights to humankind: We should be thankful for our governing officials, and not the governing officials being thankful that “we the people” allow them to be in power.

I’m Speechless

What do you say to a mass political movement that denies the existence of God, eschews scientific principles, insists that their views are the correct views, has no tolerance for debate, cares little about free speech for others, and, putting it kindly, thinks you’re a moron?

Realistically, precious little can be said to such people.


Jeff Davidson
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