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FBI Admits What We All Knew About The Scalise Shooting . . . FINALLY

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It was just a few months into Trump’s presidency when gunshots rang out at a Republican baseball practice. Had it not been for armed security, the end results would have been far more severe.

Both our media and our federal law enforcement have been increasingly blinded by their political prejudices, and that is not a good sign for the wellbeing of the nation.

Let’s compare two incidents. One from this year, and one from that ballgame 4 years ago.

As we come to the middle of May, our media and our politicians still can’t stop talking about the violence, the ‘insurrection’, and the ‘dire threat to Democracy’ language by which they characterize the events of January 6th.

While there were specific instances of physical altercations between the crowd and law enforcement, the only incident involving lethal force was the unarmed Trump supporter who was shot dead. Even Capitol Police had to eventually come clean about the fact that Officer Swetnick’s death — while a tragic loss to his family — was not the result of violence as had been claimed, but due to a stroke.

Political activists have never yet walked back claims that his death was evidence of the activists that day having murderous intent. Just like they have not officially apologized for claiming the guy filmed holding the zip ties had evil intent. It has since come to light that they had been abandoned in the evacuation, and the man in the photo did not want them to fall into the wrong hands.

Even elected Republicans were openly accused by their Democrat peers of having malicious and criminal intent, without any shred of evidence to back up those claims.

Contrast that to the collective yawn that greeted the attempted murder of Republicans at baseball practice. Media had more or less moved on from that story long before he was let out of the hospital. Just like they did with the hospitalization of Rand Paul (who, incidentally, was also present at the shooting) when he was attacked by a neighbor.

It’s just one whackjob with a screw loose. Nothing to see here.

Four years later, the FBI is finally (though quietly) admitting that isn’t exactly true. The Bernie Bro would-be assassin — with a hit list and a political motive — qualifies as an instance of domestic terrorism.

For context, the official position of the FBI back in 2017 was that the baseball shooting was not actually terrorism, but rather, ‘suicide by cop. James Hodgkinson, the Bernie bro with a written hit list of elected Republicans, and strong opinions on Obmacare took matters into his own hands… violently.

Is it cynical to wonder why, at the very moment in history when the top-level members of the FBI was hellbent on trying to portray Trump as a bad man in collusion with Vladamir Putin, that same agency stood in the way of making a determination that would have cast Republicans in a sympathetic light as victims?

Finally, long after the fact, the FBI itself quietly admits that it was a case of domestic terrorism.

It began with a throwaway line in a report, which led to questions by an oversight committee.

The revelation appears in the middle of an appendix on page 35 of a 40-page FBI-DHS report released on Friday titled “Security Strategic Intelligence Assessment and Data on Domestic Terrorism.” In a section describing approximately 85 different “FBI-Designated Significant Domestic Terrorism Incidents in the United States from 2015 through 2019,” the Alexandria baseball field shooting appears, with the FBI categorizing the perpetrator as a “Domestic Violent Extremist” and describing the incident thusly: “An individual with a personalized violent ideology targeted and shot Republican members of Congress at a baseball field and wounded five people. The subject died as a result of engagement with law enforcement.”

…Rep. Robert Aderholt argued last month that “classifying the attack as a suicide by cop really defies logic,” and the Alabama Republican asked Sanborn if “the FBI cleared up this by reclassifying the incident as an act of domestic terrorism.”

“It’s fair to say that the shooter was motivated by a desire to commit an attack on members of Congress and then knowing by doing so he would likely be killed in the process,” Sanborn said. “Cases like this are challenging because there were, as you mentioned, a couple clues left behind, but he died in the process, never allowing us to fully examine through, say, an interview, his motivation. There are also indicators that the shooter intended the shooting to be his final act on earth, but those things are not inconsistent with someone who is motivated by a variety of factors to commit violent acts based on a blend of ideological or personal motivations, and this conduct is something that today we would characterize as a domestic terrorism event.”

…Alexandria’s top prosecutor, Bryan Porter, released a report in October 2017 concluding the shooting was terrorism.

“The evidence in this case establishes beyond a reasonable doubt that the suspect, fueled by rage against Republican legislators, decided to commit an act of terrorism as that term is defined by the Code of Virginia,” the report read. “The suspect, using a lawfully-purchased assault rifle and handgun, ambushed a peaceful assembly of people practicing baseball and began to fire indiscriminately in an effort to kill and maim as many people as possible.” –WashingtonExaminer [emphasis supplied]

Why was the FBI unwilling to call it ‘domestic terrorism’ in their early reporting?

Why was the media in a rush to ‘move on’ from a story where some murderous scumbag fired off 136 rounds in the direction of elected Republicans, after he had confirmed they were, in fact, the Republicans he was looking for?

What accounts for the absolute months-long fixation of the events in January 6th in which not a single firearm was confiscated from the participants who had pushed their way into the building, while an honest-to-God failed attempt to assassinate as many Republicans as possible doesn’t even move the needle?

The superficial answer is that the message is being manipulated.

The questions for which the public should demand answers go deeper. For what purpose, to what ultimate end, and for whose direct or indirect benefit is that message being manipulated?

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