Anarchist Agitators Targeting Police Official’s Home In This Red State City

Written by Jim H. on May 12, 2021


Here is an update from Jim Houck about how leftist agitators are being emboldened to target and harass police leadership (and their families) in private homes in American cities.

This isn’t just happening in so-called Blue states anymore, this is a blue city in the Red State of Texas.

This is what Jim has seen in his own backyard.

Security SITREP on Texas BLMafia: The Austin Police Association President lives just down the road from my place.

The Marxists have been tearing up his place and vehicles again.

Yesterday a Marxist went to the officer’s house, armed, mid-day, and tried to kick his front door in while his teenage daughter was home alone and the officer was out protecting and serving in the Austin PD. The teenage daughter went into Alamo mode, and Travis County Sheriff (TCS) responded but didn’t catch the guy.

The officer said the county recently pulled plate reader equipment from TCS (one has to wonder why).

As the stolen election comes unwound, and as our Commander in Chief, President Donald J. Trump, does the work that needs to be done, the global cabal will pull out all stops to try and suppress, intimidate and murder their way back on top.

Be advised.

Make ready to defend the Republic.

Jim has recently been featured on some critically important interviews hosted by our own Doug Giles (one of them co-hosting with Rich Witmer on a Warriors and Wildmen episode) and if you want the story of what’s REALLY happening on the US/Mexico border that the news isn’t covering, you’ll find it there.

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