YO BIDEN: Does This Iranian Gay Man’s Murder Change The Math On Your Negotiations?

Written by Wes Walker on May 17, 2021

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For reasons that have never been made clear, the Democrats are hellbent on making Iran our new BFF. Iran is markedly LESS excited about that idea.

Alireza Fazeli Monfared was only days away from fleeing the country as a refugee. Iran, like many other Islamic nations, has laws against homosexuality with harsh penalties. In Iran, for instance, that penalty is death.

Facing increasing threats from his father and half-brothers, Monfared planned to flee another country where his sexual identity would not endanger his life. This would require a military exemption.

“Homosexuality is also considered a psychological disease in Iran, and the military’s military board can exempt a gay man from service if they are deemed homosexual after an examination,” she added.

Monfared’s exemption was close to being approved, and he was planning to flee imminently, Amin said. But when documentation for his exemption arrived, it was not Monfared who first opened the letter.

Amin said a relative opened his mail and read information confirming Monfared’s sexuality. “I think their hate of homosexuality was so huge that they decided to kill him,” she added.

…Monfared’s mother was then called by a relative and told to visit a location in the rural village. A day later, she found her son’s beheaded body.

His distraught mother was later hospitalized for shock. According to several sources, no arrests have been made. —Insider

We are told that his half-brother and two cousins took him to the rural village where he was brutally slain.

We also note that no arrests have been made. Even CNN states the obvious.

Iran is one of 68 countries where same-sex relations between consenting adults is criminalized, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW). “(The) LGBTQ community is one of the most marginalized in Iran, they face various levels of discrimination and hate. The most obvious one is by law but there is also a lot of homophobia in society depending on where you are and which demographic you belong to … the family can sometimes be the most dangerous place,” Tara Sepehri Far, Iran researcher at HRW. — CNN

Can someone please explain why Biden is working so hard to befriend a nation that is so much at odds with both American values and those of his own party?

Aside from John Kerry being VERY committed to his close friendship with foreign officials (and deliberately undermining negotiations between our governments), it is difficult to imagine what possible fascination the Dems have with building bridges with the world’s largest state sponsor of Terror.

They are a pro-terror nation. They fund the destabilization of other Arab nations. They fan the flames of conflict. They bankroll the terrorism of Hamas to the tune of 10s of Millions a month, and provide most of the rockets launched into Israel.

Iran is the single most significant barrier to regional peace in the Middle East. They call for Death to America in their streets as part of a national holiday.

And all that’s even before you start going down the checklist down the left’s favorite identitarian causes in which they agree about precious little.

Will the global attention being given to this unfortunate man’s murder and beheading — which thus far has not resulted any charges — be enough to make Joe Biden re-think his rationale for trying to woo a regime that America and the world should be ISOLATING instead of BEFRIENDING?

After all, they are (even now) harassing our ships and issuing propaganda videos featuring the destruction of our Capitol building. Does that sound like an honest broker looking to give us the right hand of fellowship?

Iran was the ONE Arab nation that Barack Obama did NOT want to see embrace the so-called Arab Spring revolutions.

The Obama adminstration was so dedicated to kissing Iran’s ass that they turned a blind eye to some actual American national interests in the process.

After all, do you remember what Iran was doing the last time he was in the White House?

News flash Joe. Iran doesn’t take you seriously.

Bluster about push-up contests or taking someone behind the gym might impress your media flunkies, but that won’t cut it on the world stage.