Biden’s Misplaced Mask Was More Than Just A Goofy Gaffe… Here’s Why (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on May 1, 2021

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Biden himself once admitted he’s a ‘gaffe machine’, but this is something more … disturbing. Something about it isn’t right. Let’s take a look.

This week Joe Biden went a ‘rally’, of sorts. Everyone stayed in their cars, and masks were the order of the day despite what Joe himself had said about the CDC guidance saying masks were not necessary outdoors for vaccinated people in particular.

You hear the wrap up music playing, and it’s time for old Joe to exit stage right. But he can’t. Something has gone horribly, horribly wrong.

It’s like one of those side-by drawings in kids magazines, ‘how many mistakes can you find in this picture’.

Here’s what we spotted. Feel free to weigh in with any we’ve overlooked.

1) His over-reaction betrays his real fear.

He’s misplaced his mask. Big deal. So what?

The man may be old, but he is vaccinated. Even if he had to fight his way through a literal smog of Xi’s Gift To The Planet™, the chances of a guy who has had both shots getting sick, let alone seriously ill are ridiculously low. It has a 96 efficacy rate. Far more importantly, his panic betrays his lack of confidence in the science he demands the rest of us accept.

Experts say the new analysis adds to growing evidence that the vaccines are working, and are highly effective in protecting people against severe illness, hospitalisation and death. “This adds to growing evidence showing that the vaccines are working to reduce infections and save lives,” Mary Ramsay, PHE Head of Immunisation, said in the statement. — FinancialExpress

If you’re going to be scared of a sniffle, it was a mistake to sign up for role in the Big Show.

2) The misplacing of the mask itself

There are only so many places it can go. He walked up to the podium. It wasn’t on the ground. It wasn’t folded into his book. It wasn’t on the podium.

How many of our readers were, like us, telling him to ‘check your pocket you idiot’? We’re guessing there were more than a few.

We all know someone who loses their glasses even while wearing them on their head. But the people WE know like that aren’t carrying the Nuclear Football.

It wasn’t even the misplacing it. It was the inability to think his way to a solution (check his pocket before becoming emotional) — presumably because his mind was too clouded by fear. Sadly, that is the CHARITABLE explanation. Others would take us in the direction of 25th Amendment territory.

3) I’m in trouble.

There are two ways to take this. He could be ‘in trouble’ because he’s afraid of being without his mask. Or he could be in trouble because he thinks of himself as having someone he reports to.

The latter actually fits a pattern, including his reason for limiting himself to 3 questions after announcing outdoor masks were ok again. And how he so often defers to his handlers to tell him what’s next. Or his heavy reliance on cards with journalists, or his being cut off by his staff after asking reporters whether there are any questions… you get the idea.

If he’s beholden to someone — anyone — there are two people who will question his capacity. American citizens and foreign leaders.

Each presents it’s own reasons for being a problem, obviously.

4) How many people it took to solve this problem

He couldn’t just look for the mask himself. His wife had to come bail him out. And a couple of staffers or security people. One aide even brought him a spare mask.

It’s like one of those old how many (whatever) does it take to screw in a lightbulb jokes. Only the joke is sitting behind the irresolute desk.

Which means, sadly, the joke’s really on us.

Where’s some of that toughness he bragged about when we really need it.

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