IF HE DID IT: Juror From OJ Case Makes Brutal Admission Years After The Fact

Written by Wes Walker on May 2, 2021

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Since his low-speed White Bronco chase, the public assumed the worst about OJ, despite the verdict that left us scratching our heads. Now we can fill in some of those blanks.

Did we think OJ’s lawyer was some kind of a miracle worker with that bumper sticker about the glove not fitting should lead to them acquitting? It was a stretch.

Was he unjustly accused? Hard to imagine that someone with the kind of anger issues that lead to later issues in life, and wrote a ‘hypothetical’ book about the murder was too pure a soul to be capable of serious violence.

And yet, he was found not guilty in a court of law.

There was plenty of speculation about why the jury would arrive at that decision . . . with a lot of it centered around the possibility of it being some kind of a payback for the Rodney King trial.

We no longer need to speculate about it. We have one of the jurors weighing in nearly 30 years after the fact.

ESPN’s “OJ, Made In America” snagged an interview with Carrie Bess, one of the jurors from that world-famous murder trial.

Interviewer: Do you think there are members of the jury that voted to acquit OJ because of Rodney King?
Bess: Yes.
Interviewer: You do?
Bess: Yes.
Interviewer: How many of you do you think felt that way?
Bess: Oh, probably 90 percent of them.
Interviewer: 90 percent. Did you feel that way?
Bess: Yes.
Interviewer: That was payback.
Bess: Uh-huh.
Interviewer: Do you think that’s right? –TheWrap

Well, that juror’s interview makes THIS TV clip a little awkward…

They didn’t actually believe him to be innocent of this particular crime.

If we can take Bess at face value, the jurors really only let a man they believed to be guilty of murder to be acquitted and go free because some other injustice had occurred, and this was some sort of a judicial ‘make-up call’.

Did it EVER occur to them that denying the families of the two people murdered that day in June of 1994 justice in seeing the man who killed their loved ones pay a price did nothing to set things right for Rodney King?

All it did was pile one injustice onto another.

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