‘Cancel Culture’ Advocate Chrissy Teigen ‘Canceled’ By Macy’s And Bloomingdale’s Amid Cyberbullying Scandal

Written by K. Walker on May 19, 2021

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It looks like the disgusting Twitter trolling by Chrissy Teigen is finally costing her something of value.


It was a bit disappointing that the removal of her cookware from Target wasn’t a consequence of the sudden exposure of her obnoxious and abusive behavior towards Courtney Stodden in 2011…

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…but the campaign to pressure woke corporations to “cancel” Teigen was continued by Candace Owens…

Candace Owens Compares Chrissy Teigen To Predators Weinstein And Epstein For ‘Publicly Victimizing Women’

…and now it’s some high-end stores that are tossing Teigen to the curb.

On Monday, Teigen’s “Cravings by Chrissy” cookware line could not be found on Macy’s website.

Chrissy Teigen’s cookware line has been taken down from Macy’s website just days after she apologized for being a troll who encouraged Courtney Stodden to take a “dirt nap.”

The former supermodel’s Cravings by Chrissy Teigen line — already dropped by Target — was marked “unavailable” on Macy’s website by early Sunday, according to The Sun.

By Monday, while the Cravings line still registers in the search box, it appeared to be now completely offline, with a message telling shoppers, “We couldn’t find a match for your search.”
Source: Page Six

Then, on Tuesday, Page Six reports that at the eleventh hour, Bloomingdale’s canceled a deal with Teigen to host a promotional event for the store.

Page Six has learned that Bloomingdale’s walked away from a deal with Chrissy Teigen at the 11th hour because of her explosive cyberbullying scandal.

Macy’s — which shares a parent company with the Upper East Side institution — appeared to drop Teigen’s “Cravings by Chrissy” cookware line this week after model Courtney Stodden (who uses gender-neutral pronouns) revealed that Teigen had encouraged them to kill themselves in private Twitter messages when they were just 16 years old.

Now we’re told that Bloomingdale’s was hours away from signing a contract with the Twitter personality and cookbook author, which would see her host a promotional event for the store, but pulled the plug on Monday because of the toxic press swirling around Teigen…

…A source familiar with the situation says Macy’s took the goods off its site because people were venting their ire about the Stodden scandal in product reviews, but the source added that the company hasn’t made a decision about whether Teigen’s products will become available at Macy’s again in the future.
Source: Page Six

Teigen has been happy to use her platform to urge her millions of followers to cancel their Equinox and SoulCycle memberships after the owner hosted a Trump fundraiser in 2019.

Teigen and her husband John Legend have been fêted all over the leftosphere as being oh so much better than the “little people” in “flyover country” except…Chrissy Teigen admits that she was an attention-seeking troll that urged one abused teen to kill herself among her many, many other instances of cyberbullying children. She ain’t no saint.

She shouldn’t be able to make money from her online presence if she’s also using it to cyberbully children.

This is the same nutty lib that was so hysterical that Trump was president that she had to up her meds.

CELEB SNOWFLAKE: Model CHRISSY TEIGEN Wants President Trump To Pay Her Medical Bills — This Is NOT Satire!

But maybe the real reason she was so consumed with Trump Derangement Syndrome and needed medication for it is that she was trolling Trump on Twitter for nearly a decade.

Trolling on Twitter was practically her job, and her abusive behavior was dismissed as “fierce” and “funny”.

Well, it’s not so funny now, is it, Chrissy?

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