‘I Don’t Care If You’re Vaccinated, You Little Dink!’ Teacher Yells At Student For Not Wearing A Mask (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on May 19, 2021

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If teachers expect to be seen as an honored and respected part of our community, they need to get better at policing their own. How did a woman with this much rage last 27 years as a teacher?

Just because the Joe Bidens and Amy Klobachars of the world apparently abuse those under them does not mean is never acceptable for those in authority to be abusive to those under them.

That is especially true when the people under that authority are not there voluntarily.

The teacher/student dynamic is the perfect example of this. There’s already enough bad blood about teachers throwing students under the (school)bus long after it has been clear that kids and schools are NOT significant vectors of transmission for Xi’s viral gift to the whole world.

The duplicity of teachers complaining about their fears of catching contagion yet skipping off to exotic destinations, while their union bosses forced Biden’s hand to keep schools closed did nothing to repair public trust.

Now that the panic is subsiding, and some schools are opened teachers have a chance to repair the bridges they’ve been busy burning.

Verbally abusing your students while others look on is not a great strategy for rebuilding those bridges.

Here’s what happened when a teacher from Wisconsin walked up to a 17yo student (who was eating at the time) and launched into a tirade about his failure to wear a mask.

This video shows part of the interaction. (The rest of it is posted further down the article.)

The angry old woman quickly pivoted from outrage over a mask to a string of stinging personal insults including ‘jerk’, ‘dink’, and ‘dummy’, as well as explicitly endorsing bullying by saying ‘you should hear how everyone talks about you’.

The irony? She has zero self-awareness in saying this.

‘You treat people like crap,’ the teacher says, ‘and people who treat people like crap don’t get very far, Jimmy.’

‘You don’t care about people,’ she said, ‘You are one of the most disrespectful kids I’ve seen grace the halls of this high school and I’ve been here 27 years.’

‘Grow up,’ she says, ‘Have a little compassion for other people in the world.’

The boy says ‘I do,’ to which the teacher says ‘show it then, prove me wrong Jimmy. Be nice once. Just be nice to somebody once.’ —DailyMail

She may not have any self-awareness. But she’s going to have plenty of time to rethink her life.

These clips, whose video didn’t translate very well between platforms, gives you the rest of the audio context.

(H/t: Vicki McKenna uploaded both videos onto Rumble.)

Here is the second clip. (The video doesn’t work out well.