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FAUCI KNEW: With Lab Leak Theory Increasingly Likely, Tucker Rips Officials For Lying

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Was the messaging of the past year driven by politics or by science? Because it’s looking like we’ve been gaslit by our own elected officials.

A phrase often used in situations where someone tries to dodge culpability is ‘knew or ought to have known’. That phrase certainly applies to Little Lord Fauci, patron saint of pandemic response… as well as others of our ‘trusted experts’ we have relied on so heavily for guidance and information through the past year.

He’s been frequently called out on the carpet for his flip-flops and his domestic policy guidance which seems to be continually playing a game of defense and catch-up.

No masks, two masks, three masks, no masks. It sounds like a demented version of Dr. Seuss, but that was the direction Fauci’s advice tracked. He’s the guy who didn’t want us visiting our dying grandparents, or attending funerals, or sending kids to school, but was fine with us using our own judgment and risk assessment with respect to ‘dating’ apps facilitating anonymous trysts.

Fauci was an apologist for the WHO, even with it was obvious that the WHO was parroting CCP political talking points, and actively assisting in Xi’s cover-up. And taking attention away from China’s destruction of records while staunchly affirming that the Wuhan lab where tax dollars he had approved for viral research (and quite probably gain-of-function research) was not the source of a virus.

He solemnly told us that evolutionary biologists affirmed the virus as being naturally occurring.

And the media, heads firmly lodged in Fauci’s backside, repeated his denunciation of the lab-leak theory as ‘conspiracy’.

But now even Fauci is calling for an investigation into the lab. Have the facts changed? No, but the political calculus has, with power having changed hands in the mean time.

Suddenly the White House is calling for the WHO to come clean and be more transparent. That’s weird, because the President-who-must-not-be-named was saying this exact same thing last year, and he was being blasted as scapegoating China, ad being ‘antiscience’, as a ‘conspiracy theorist’, and whatever else.

When OrangeManBad says it, it must be opposed. When what he said is later proven correct, there is no apology for their own misinformation denoucing Trump. They merely push ahead with new information as though their past reporting never happened.

Every one of their bylines could just as easily have been written by Orwell’s Winston Smith, rewriter of history in the Ministry of Truth.

Meanwhile, the news ecosystem on the right — including yours truly — has been blacklisted by advertising corps for reporting ‘misinformation’ that later proves true, and the big corporate leftists pay no price for their lies.

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