Four Dead, 25 Injured After Suspected Human Smuggling Boat is Smashed To Pieces

Written by Wes Walker on May 3, 2021

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You can’t put a price on life. Unless you’re a human smuggler, then all bets are off.

We’ve seen any number of stories where health and safety of the people being smuggled are badly compromised so that the criminals smuggling them can maximize profit.

We’ve seen a truck packed with illegal immigrants crash on a highway. BIDEN BODYCOUNT: Illegal Smuggling Leaves 15 Dead In Horrific Highway Crash

We’ve seen babies thrown off smuggler’s rafts so authorities won’t apprehend them before they get across the border. WATCH: Little Boy Abandoned Overnight In The Desert Cries As He Tells His Story To CBP

Or a little boy abandoned in the desert: WATCH: Little Boy Abandoned Overnight In The Desert Cries As He Tells His Story To CBP

Now you can add shipwrecks smuggling people over the coasts to the list of ways in which coming illegally over our borders is more dangerous than arriving at a legal point of entry.

Four people died and 25 were injured Sunday after a boat used in a suspected human smuggling operation capsized off the coast of San Diego, authorities said.

The vessel, a 40-foot cabin cruiser, “broke apart” on a reef near Point Loma, west of downtown San Diego, said Lt. Rick Romero of the San Diego Lifeguard Service.

The boat’s operator was in custody, officials said. No one on the vessel has been identified. Crews are scheduled to continue to their search through the night, the Coast Guard said. — NBC

Let’s see Kamala tell us how these 4 corpses at the border are not part of the crisis whose existence she and her co-president have been desperately denying.