TECH TYRANTS: DeSantis Bill To Reign In Censorious Silicon Valley Could Work (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on May 26, 2021

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Governor DeSantis has done it again. He’s taken a bold political stand where so many others did little more than timidly complain.

He’s built a reputation of cutting against the grain and doing the right thing rather than the easy thing… no matter HOW many flunkies on the left try to drag him for it.

Remember that clown who tried to troll Desantis by visiting Florida beaches dressed up in a grim reaper costume? Probably not. Now that none of his dire predictions have come true, since Florida has far better success in the pandemic than say, New York.

That’s just one of many examples where Desantis survived long enough to beclown his critics. He has been passing a series of legislation to blunt the worst aspects of the Left’s radical agenda from kneecapping Florida.

And now, he’s taking on Silicon Valley’s abuses of their information monopoly.

The bill would allow for the Florida Election Commission to slam a $250,000 fine per day on social media companies that de-platform any candidate running for statewide office and $25,000 per day for candidates running for non-statewide office.

The legislation — which is slated to take effect on July 1 — would also require companies to give a 30-day warning period before a user is removed and would require companies to publish their standards for blocking and removing users and their content.

“When big tech censors enforce their rules inconsistently to discriminate in favor of the dominant ideology in Silicon Valley, they will be held accountable in the state of Florida, and all Floridians treated unfairly by big tech platforms will have the right to sue companies who violate this law,” he said during a press conference in Miami on Monday. — NYPost

It took a lawsuit big enough to get the media’s attention before Nick Sandmann could finally get fair treatment from the press.

The same principle might apply here.

But will it work? It might.

Speaking of beclowining… the press thought they could trap him with a question about whether this legislation was just a clever political ploy to help Trump.

Here’s how he handled it. (Listen to the vigorous applause that followed his answer.)

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