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The Emasculation Of America: The Left Is Busy Neutering Our Military And Law Enforcement

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Back in the days of Reagan, America embraced a ‘Peace through Strength’ policy which played a part in our coming out on the winning side of the Cold War.

The Democrats of today look nothing like the party of JFK who would launch a naval blockade against the Soviets in the Cuban missile crisis.

If anything, the Democrats of today look more like Vladamir Lenin promising the people Peace, land, bread, if only they will join in the revolution against the old way of running the country. They have found common cause among the most militant of Marxist ideologies and hold open disdain for everything that holds to America’s founding principles or documents.

It is not that America has good principles that need to be elevated still further, but it has a rotten history that needs to be knocked down and replaced with … whatever would best suit the radicals at the time.

The militant left loathes any institution which has the mission, mandate, together with the strength of will and the capacity to execute ANYTHING which would project, establish, or defend traditional American values and interest domestically or abroad.

Domestically, that includes any institution credited with upholding the rule of law. Internationally, that includes our power to project American values and influence — in any sphere ranging from economics to, diplomacy, to military engagement.

Obama infamously launched his campaign in the living room of an unrepentant domestic terrorist whose organization organized attacks against the police, the military, and sought to overthrow the government. (See Brittanica entry here.) Their attacks were coordinated with such days as the anniversary of the death of Che, or the birthday of Ho Chi Minh. They were also tied to the Black Liberation Army, among other groups.

That group bombed federal buildings and used phrases that would be very familiar to us today.

The Weathermen were outspoken critics of the concepts that later came to be known as “white privilege” (described as white-skin privilege) and identity politics. As the civil disorder in poor black neighborhoods intensified in the early 1970s, Bernardine Dohrn said, “White youth must choose sides now. They must either fight on the side of the oppressed, or be on the side of the oppressor.”

The Weathermen called for the overthrow of the United States government.

Ask yourself whether America became stronger and less divided during Obama’s Presidency. Whether tensions between racial groups became less pronounced or more pronounced during his presidency. Whether there were fewer riots or more? Whether anything in the federal administration’s policy increased the public trust in our institutions or did he consistently undermine that trust — even on the day when he ought to have been honoring the Dallas cops who were murdered by a murderous racial bigot while they gave their lives defending (irony noted) protesters in an otherwise peaceful BLM march.

President Community Organizer couldn’t even mark that solemn event without casting the police themselves as ‘systemically racist’. He was picking up the very same language we have seen used by Marxists and insurrectionists.

That language has gone mainstream as pressure groups seek to demonize, criminalize and defund the very people who enforce our laws… to the point that NYPD, for example, have just been banned from Pride events for the next five years. Not that this writer has any great interest in that particular political activism event, but it shows the open disdain for police.

What did you THINK a red diaper baby like Obama really meant by wanting to ‘fundamentally transform’ America?

What bout the gutting and corroding our the nation’s military?

Obama actively injected politics into it at the same time that he was engaged in a massive purge of military officers. We saw the kind of results so many of those leading officers were able to deliver under an Obama administration, didn’t we?

Obama’s Military Coup Purges 197 Officers In Five Years

Obama also depleted the military through endless wars without commensurate funding.

There is a direct line of connection between Obama’s sequestration policy which allowed profligate social policy spending to be tied directly to any military dollars.

Trump did what he could to reverse and solve that trend, despite facing heavy opposition from the Democrats.

But with the White House in the grip of Biden and Harris, the gutting has continued. Not only as Kamala made her position on law enforcement clear by refusing to condemn rioters and — instead — helping them raise bail. She’s all-in with the BLM agenda, wherever it may take her. But Biden is picking up where his old boss left off in the military as well.

Joe and the Democrats have leveraged their ‘big lie’ narrative as a cudgel to lead a purge of their own.

Military “Extremism” Purge May Result in Conservatives Being Driven Out of The US Military

We are already seeing people who object to Biden’s bigoted and Anti-American policy of Critical Race Theory being thrown to the wolves.

Space Force Commander ‘Temporarily Reassigned’ After Saying Marxism Has Infiltrated The Military

We are seeing an interest in political correctness take priority over combat readiness both in entry requirements, and in their inexplicable interest in appeasing the interests o transsexual activists… without consideration for what that might do the combat readiness of the individual trans person, nor the budgetary pressures such a commitment to provide extremely expensive voluntary medical treatment on the government dime would have if you open that up to all comers.

All you have to do is look at the difference in our side’s recruitment videos compared to the nations we are most likely to face in international conflict if things go sideways.

Now The U.S. Army Is Going ‘Woke’ In New Recruitment Ad (VIDEO)

This video resulted in mockery, as you might expect. This jab from Jesse Kelly was particularly savage. Then again, this wouldn’t be the first time a Marine had ever taken shots at the Army… or vice versa.

Will any of that politically correct box-checking matter in a forced march through jungles in the Pacific?

There was a time when our military was best known for killing people and breaking things.

Is the current administration turning its back on that, in favor of another round of ‘leading from behind’ among some kind of global consensus?

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