CNBC Double-Checks Numbers On-Air As April Jobs Report Is A MASSIVE Disappointment (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on May 7, 2021

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This is with many red states opening up and boosting the numbers.

Vaccination rates are increasing, and some state governments are realizing that it’s time to open up the economy again despite the doomsday fear-merchants in public health and the media undermining the efficacy of the vaccines and the “dangers” of opening up too quickly.

The Biden-Harris administration has expected massive job growth as the risk of the coronavirus slows with increased vaccinations, but they’ve also been touting their “building back better” plan with the “jobs of the future” — but that’s not exactly what’s happening.

The expected April jobs boom went bust as nonfarm payroll gains fell at least three-quarters of what was expected. The unemployment rate rose to 6.1% when only 266,000 jobs were added.

Hiring was a huge letdown in April, with nonfarm payrolls increasing by a much less than expected 266,000 and the unemployment rate rose to 6.1% amid an escalating shortage of available workers.

Dow Jones estimates had been for 1 million new jobs and an unemployment rate of 5.8%.

Many economists had been expecting an even higher jobs number amid signs that the U.S. economy was roaring back to life.

There was more bad news: March’s originally estimated total of 916,000 was revised down to 770,000, though February saw an upward revision to 536,000 from 468,000…

…While average hourly earnings actually jumped from the March level, they were little changed year over year as more low-wage earners return to their jobs.
Source: CNBC

Watch the moment here:

But hey, at least the Bad Orange Man saying mean things on Twitter, right?

Rick Santelli holding up the low jobs number and waving it around at the end is *chef’s kiss* perfect. Santelli can get quite heated when talking about those jobs reports. Do you remember when he locked horns with Andrew Ross Sorkin over lockdowns in the midst of a discussion of jobs? It was a thing of beauty!

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Ah, good times! Good times!

But wait… how is this possible? Co-President Biden has been bragging that more jobs have been created in his first 100 days in office than any other administration in history.

Let’s head on over to the BBC for a quick fact-check on Biden’s claim since WaPo isn’t counting Biden’s fibs anymore. 

Since January, the US economy has added 1,384,000 jobs, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

It’s true that’s the most jobs created in the first 100 days of any presidency since records began.

April’s job numbers are yet to be published, so the number of jobs created in President Biden’s first three months in office is likely to rise further.

This year’s job growth follows unemployment hitting the highest level since the Great Depression of the 1930s in April last year – when more than 22 million jobs were lost over two months.

The economy has continued to bounce back from the pandemic under President Biden, having gained more than 13 million during Donald Trump’s final nine months in office.
Source: BBC

While the claim is true… there’s that whole 13 million job gains in the last 9 months of the Trump administration which the Biden-Harris team assumed would continue moving forward as vaccination rates increased and the country opened up.

Now that millions of Americans have been vaccinated, even the most die-hard lefties are admitting that it’s time to make the move to open up.

Meanwhile, in Florida…

But the Biden-Harris administration has decided to *checks notes* raise corporate taxes?!

And let’s all just forget that the Democrats have just normalized paying people to stay home. This isn’t anything new. This is why the GOP was furious that the CARES Act pushed by Dems bumped up unemployment payments that incentivized not working.

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Let’s face it, Democrats aren’t great at creating jobs unless it’s some sort of pay-to-play grift for their family members. The rest of us, well, they don’t give a damn. They’re collecting their paychecks and so are their drug-addled, sex-addicted, mediocre progeny.

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