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WATCH: Dr. Fauci Flip-Flops On Mask-Wearing For The Vaccinated — Admits It Was About Optics

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In two months, Fauci has completely reversed his position on masks for people who are vaccinated for the coronavirus, and he admits it’s because of optics.

Despite how much Fauci says that he got to his new position because of The Science™ — it isn’t. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the prevaricating authoritarian smurf, has flip-flopped on the “data” and “The Science™” regarding mask mandates and “mitigation” measures. Despite being on the Coronavirus Task Forc and therefore one of the closest people in the loop on the development of vaccines, he didn’t believe that a vaccine would be “widely available” until…right about now.

Tom Elliott of Grabien News pointed out Fauci’s mask hypocrisy.

Here is Saint Fauci on Good Morning America admitting that his post-vaccine mask-wearing was, in fact, theater. He says, “I didn’t want to look like I was giving mixed signals but being a fully vaccinated person, the chances of my getting infected in an indoor setting is extremely low.”

And here is Saint Fauci arguing with Senator Rand Paul(R-KY) exactly two months ago to the day that mask-wearing after vaccination is not theater. “Masks are not theater. Masks are protective,” says Fauci adding, “I totally disagree with you.”

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Meanwhile, back in May 2020, Saint Fauci tells CNN’s Jim Sciutto that he wears a mask as a “symbol” of what you should be doing.

What an evolution! From “it’s a symbol” to “it’s not theater” to “yeah, actually, I did it for the optics.”

Isn’t it nice to know that Dr. Fauci and The Science™ have finally caught up to what Senator Rand Paul was saying in March?

Maybe the left can stop hate-shaming people who looked critically at masks and vaccinations now, hmm?

Now, we just need to get Fauci on the record on why people who have had the virus and recovered are not counted with the vaccinated towards the “herd immunity” goal. That would certainly be interesting!


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