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BADASS PATRIOT: Mark Robinson Puts Reparations Peeps On BLAST Like You’ve Never Seen (VIDEO)

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There are people who cannot express the contempt they have for the sins of America’s past. Standing up to them are people like Mark Robinson. He is a patriot — and their personal nightmare.

Looks like this guy never got the memo that black people are supposed to see themselves as something OTHER than Americans. Because this Mark is as American as they come.

We’ve got two videos here to rock your world from speeches this firey Lt. Gov made to the North Carolina GOP over the weekend.

The first video is where Robinson faces the lies of BLM and CRT head-on, cutting their best arguments off at the knees, and rips away the moral high ground that folks with their hands out and an entitlement attitude demanding reparations think they are standing securely on.

It’s two and a half minutes of pure fire.

We follow that up with another section of his speech, where he’s telling his audience EXACTLY what it means to Be American — in case anyone has forgotten. He paints a picture of courage, and grit, and patriotism you will not soon forget.

If it doesn’t have your heart swelling with patriotic pride by the end of these 3 minutes and thirty-four seconds, check your pulse just to be sure you’ve still got one.


This guy is going places.

If we can get a few hundred more like this guy? Well, we’ve got a real shot at getting the country headed in the right direction again.

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