CAPTURED: Manhunt For Suspect That Shot A Cop In The Head Ends At Black Nationalist Camp

Written by K. Walker on June 28, 2021

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A man who shot a Daytona Police officer in the head on June 23 was captured in Georgia hiding in a treehouse on the grounds of a Black Nationalist camp just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

Othal Toreyane Resheen Wallace, 29, shot Daytona police officer, Jason Raynor, 26, on Wednesday. Officer Raynor was conducting a proactive patrol at the time.

During a press conference, Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young said, “Upon arrival, he contacted a coward that was sitting inside a 2016 Honda vehicle with a California tag on it and as he was escorting him out of the car at some point the suspect turns and shoots my officer one time in the head. The officer is currently at Halifax Hospital in grave condition.”

Daytona police released a section of the bodycam footage.

Community support for Officer Raynor was massive. Donations to the GoFundMe set up to assist the Raynor family surpassed $100,000 in 7 hours.

The manhunt for Wallace included more than 500 officers from various agencies — including the FBI — across several states.

Police Chief Jakari Young said at an early Saturday press conference that Wallace was captured while hiding in a tree house in Dekalb County, Georgia, east of Atlanta.

Wallace was found in a remote wooded area with multiple weapons, ammunition and body armor.

Young said Wallace was being held in Georgia on Saturday morning but would be returned to Volusia County, Florida, and held on a charged of attempted first-degree murder of a law enforcement officer.

Young had said said more than 500 officers from various agencies responded to help find Wallace. The reward for information leading to Wallace’s capture was raised Friday to $200,000…

…Young describes the group, on whose property Wallace was hiding in DeKalb County, Georgia, as a Black nationalist paramilitary organization. Young referred to them as the NFAC, also referred to on social media as the “Not F***ing Around Militia” or “Black Militia.” In 2020 members began appearing at protests of police brutality.

And in a little twist of justice, when capturing Wallace, they used Officer Raynor’s handcuffs. Beautiful!

Governor Ron DeSantis tweeted, “There is no place for hate in Florida. Our law enforcement will be protected. Justice will be swift.”

(I love that guy!)

A GoFundMe page has been set up for Officer Raynor’s family.

If the media reported the news where there was a shooting incident the same way across the board, the story would be: “Wallace, who is black, shot Raynor, who is white in a racially motivated attack.” (Did I do that right?) But you know that race doesn’t matter when the victim is white. And let’s not pay too much attention to the fact that when Wallace went to hide, he hightailed it right to the Black Militia and holed himself up in a treehouse with body armor and multiple weapons.

Young said a search revealed a cache of weaponry thought to belong to Wallace in an apartment near the shooting, including at least three ballistic vests, a rifle, a semi-automatic handgun, multiple high-capacity magazines, and a large quantity of rifle rounds.

Wallace has a criminal record that included domestic battery incidents and one case in which he was accused of wielding a gun to threaten a woman. He has served time in the the Volusia County jail but had not been sent to any Florida State Prison, according to online records.

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said Wallace was ready to shoot any cop. He was known to affiliate with a Black militia group known as NFAC.

On an Instagram believed to belong to Wallace, an eerie message was posted June 7: “1 Day I Will Take Great Pride And Honor In Getting Me Some Pigs Blood On My Hands And Boots,” it reads. “I Pray Against My Enemy And Wish Death To All Who Are Oppressive To The Black Culture… Black Power !!”
Source: Daytona Beach News-Journal

Well, that, unfortunately, destroys the narrative that Wallace was just innocently sitting there. And riddle me this, gun-grabbers… how did a convict manage to get himself a cache of guns like that with our gun laws as they are? Could it be because criminals will find ways to get guns illegally? Why yes, indeed. That does seem to be the case.

As for Officer Raynor, he is showing signs of improvement, but he’s got a long road to go.

Here’s the link to the Raynor Family GoFundMe page.

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