CLASH POLL: Megan Rapinoe Posted A Racist Tweet — Should She Be ‘Canceled’?

Written by K. Walker on June 21, 2021

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They’re “canceling” the Founding Fathers, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Mahatma Gandhi. Is Megan Rapinoe immune from the new “woke” rules when these men weren’t?

The insufferable, pink-haired women’s soccer star is making headlines again, but this time it isn’t because she’s demanding more money. She posted a racist tweet to a fellow soccer player of Asian descent.

The day after Rapinoe was announced as one of the new…spokespersons for Victoria’s Secret, an old resurfaced in which she told one of her colleagues that she looked “Asian” because she has “closed eyes.”

Rapinoe told Natasha Kai, a fellow US Women’s Soccer team member who is of Asian descent, “u look asian with those closed eyes” in the May 2011 tweet.

Rapinoe, a prominent voice in championing equal gender pay and queer rights among other social causes, was blasted on social media for making the tweet and still not deleting it.

It was unclear what Rapinoe was referring to, and the Twitter account for Kai, who is of Hawaiian, Filipino, Chinese and Caucasian descent, has since been deleted.
Source: The U.S. Sun

Here’s a screenshot of the tweet in all of its glory. Note the “Black Lives Matter” profile picture.

We all know that this would be the nail in the coffin of the career of anyone to the right of Karl Marx. But Rapinoe is a leftist darling who happens to be a pink-haired lesbian that rails against the “gender pay gap” between male and female professional soccer leagues, kneels for the anthem, and refused to meet the Bad Orange Man when he was in the White House, so she’ll likely get through this unscathed.

But should she?

She’s famous. She’s an athlete. She’s now the spox for (what used to be) a major women’s lingerie brand.

Non-famous people have been “canceled” for similar things. A cheerleader had her college dreams destroyed because of a 3-second video that one a-hole kept in reserve until it could be weaponized.

Student Who Destroyed A Classmate’s College Dreams With 3-Second Video Has No Regrets — ‘I Taught Her A Lesson’

Megan Rapinoe is an obnoxious, entitled, insufferable termagant. Maybe a taste of “woke” cancellation would be good for her.

Just look at Chrissy Teigen who is finally looking in the mirror realizing that she is pretty hideous on the inside despite the adoring leftists fawning at her feet.

Paul Joseph Watson reminds us just how awful Rapinoe is.

But maybe it’s not just Rapinoe that should face the heat for this — perhaps the new branding of Victoria’s Secret & Co. should also face the music for hiring a hateful little shrew like Rapinoe.

After all, leftists constantly warn that anti-Asian racism is on the rise in America, and here’s an example of a prominent woman who is doing just that.

Is this really the kind of spokesperson that Victoria’s Secret wants to use as they attempt to rebrand?

Is it really ok to go after someone for a 10-year old tweet that was obviously a joke to a colleague? No, that’s stupid.

But the left thinks it’s fair game, and it would be wrong to have two standards. They’re the ones that want these rules, we just need to make sure that the consequences for violating them are dished out equally for everyone. Maybe then they’ll agree that they’re stupid and this nonsense can stop.

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