YO, KAMALA: Migrant Corpses Are Piling Up On The Border… Do You Care?

Written by Wes Walker on June 21, 2021

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How telling that the media was more outraged by the former First Lady’s choice in jacket than they are in the human suffering of would-be refugees on our border.

Dems know they don’t have the votes to change any legislation. They have found an easy end-run around that. They just refuse to enforce the laws they don’t like.

Not only do they not enforce the laws they don’t like, they take action that has no basis in law and dare anyone to do something about it. For example, can anyone in the Joe/Kamala Administration point to any legislation whatsoever that was passed to validate the following action?

Of course not.

But why would they care? By the time anyone takes action to even slow the process down, the damage is already done. There’s an old expression about it being easier to ask forgiveness than permission. But these tyrants wouldn’t even have the self-respect to apologize if they got called out for it.

It’s all about the bare-knuckled exercise of political power with these clowns.

It’s a tried and true formula. Mouth whatever platitudes it will take to get you elected and then go for the jugular once you’re in power. Give whatever excuse you want about ‘circumstances changing’, or the ‘facts on the ground’, or Obama’s famous ‘evolving position’. It doesn’t matter, it’s all Kabuki theatre anyway. All that matters is exercising maximum political power to achieve the unspoken agenda they privately held all along.

Even the people whose ‘plight’ they pretend to care about — even when the media gets busted using a photoshopped image to push Democrat propaganda — only matter if they can be used to push their party’s private agenda.

We’ve frequently referenced the leaked memo from a top Dem advisor that admitted point-blank that the open-borders policy was all about their goals of advancing their own party’s electoral chances into the future.

Is a few hundred anonymous migrants dead on the border too high a price for Dems to pay for perpetual political power?

Anyone with a functional soul and an un-seared conscience should obviously answer ‘yes’.

But elected Dems, their surrogates, and the activist Media don’t seem to have any problem with it. If they did, we’d see them as outraged by stories like this one as they pretended to be by a photo taken during the Obama/Biden administration of ‘kids in cages’… which, ironically, was a photo pushed into social media by an Obama surrogate.

Border officials recorded over 200 migrant deaths and about 7,000 rescues for migrants who attempted to illegally enter the U.S. since October 2020, a Customs and Border Protection spokesperson told the Daily Caller News Foundation Thursday.

…Border officials airlifted an unresponsive migrant woman suffering from a heat-related injury Wednesday morning to a local hospital for treatment. The woman was traveling with a group of 30 illegal migrants in a remote area near Sierra Blanca, Texas.

“If we had not located the injured woman in time, the afternoon heat could have proved fatal for this poor woman,” El Paso Air and Marine Operations Director John Stonehouse said in a statement. “Human smuggling organizations continue to illegally push these vulnerable migrants across the border in the deserts and mountains of West Texas and New Mexico in 100 degree plus weather placing their lives in danger. They often abandon these people in remote areas without food or water.”

Border officials rescued a suspected smuggler who nearly drowned after migrants attempting to illegally enter the U.S. jumped off a raft in an attempt to avoid apprehension in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley Wednesday, according to CBP. Border Patrol agents saved 17 illegal migrants who were abandoned by smugglers in the Rio Grande Valley Monday, including a teenager who was left alone in a bush for nearly two days and multiple others suffering from extreme dehydration requiring hospitalization. —DailyCaller

The article goes on to give other examples, including 33 people locked in a uHaul in 100 degree heat, and 13 wandering in the California mountains over two days, including one woman abandoned by her group when she sprained her ankle.

But the so-called Immigration Czar, Kamala scoffs at any mention of her visiting the border.

Maybe she realizes that getting caught in a photo where she’s confronted with the real human cost of her policies would be a bad look.

Is this Biden-Harris’s Hurricane Katrina? Nope. At least Katrina was a weather event not directly caused by Dubya’s policy mistakes.

Anything happening here at the border was done with a slick grin of that guy in aviators, and the flick of a pen. Any mention of it since is met with a dismissive shrug or Kamala’s cackling laughter.

It’s being proven pretty quickly that Kamala is not the ‘badass Girl-boss’ that her fans so desperately wish she was.

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