DEAR COVIDictators: Will ‘You Believe The Science’ Of A Guy Who Outclasses YOUR Experts … Or Nah? (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on June 21, 2021

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How often was anyone who questioned the ‘experts’ dismissed as a ‘science denier’ only to have their opinion shift from ‘conspiracy theory’ to ‘legitimate news’ long after the fact?

Little Lord Fauci may believe that he IS the Science…

…but the track record of our Prevaricating Authoritarian Smurf leaves a lot to be desired.

And this brings us to the problem with the left’s endless ‘appeals to authority’. What happens when their guy gets outclassed by the credentials of someone who disagrees with the approved position and starts asking uncomfortable questions?

Let’s look at the mic drop challenge this expert answers the left’s claims to the upper hand in the ‘authority’ argument with. You’ll notice it reads almost like a dare. (from the 44 minute mark)

“I’m taking the moral authority. And I’m challenging: who here has a greater amount, I said, in a single person, I’ve seen and examined more patients. I treated more patients. I’ve published more on COVID-19. I have a vast academic record, I’ve had the illness myself, my father has had it. I’ve had a death in my family due to the illness… who in a single person in the world can say that? So I am taking the moral and clinical and ethical and human authority and challenging anybody to come after me, because the only way to get the other side to back down is to be supremely confident and strong.

Those are some pretty big claims. It’s only fair to ask — are they credible?

Here’s a little bit about the guy in question.

Meet Dr. Peter A. McCullough. He is…

-Professor of Medicine Texas A&M Baylor Dallas Campus.
-Practices Internal Medicine and Cardiology
— who refocussed all of his energy into COVID-19 after the pandemic
-Editor of Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine
-Editor of Cardio-Renal Medicine (His area of research)
-Senior Associate America Journal of Cardiology
-President of Cardio-Renal Society
***The Most Published Person in the world (at any point in history) within his Heart and Kidney specialty***
-Greatly Experienced in treating COVID-19
***Published THE two major papers in the actual treatment of COVID-19***
***Led the early treatment initiative (of COVID) in the United States***

All that is to say he’s not easily dismissed as some fly-by-night ‘crackpot’… which will come as bad news to anyone who does NOT like what he has to say.

And these days, there will be many such people… especially if he departs from official Fauci-approved COVID talking points. Which he does.

Dr. McCullough has got some serious reservations about the risks associated with the vaccine… risks we are not being properly informed of before we give consent to their use in our bodies.

And with the effort and coordination in pushing both the rollout and the narrative that makes it possible while silencing anyone who dares ask reasonable questions about their use, this Doctor has some questions about who is orchestrating this, and what the real end-game might be.

The video above includes a conversation led by Dr. McCullough, which also features interaction between other medical authorities from both Europe and the US.

Here are a few interesting timestamps. We’ll not mention anything in the first few minutes of the video, because he may or may not raise some of the topics that the censors love to hate.

Here’s a sampling of what he covers a little later in the video:

16-18 min mark — some known risk factors associated with the vaccine, including some 800 known cases of Myocarditis which, in his formal capacity as a cardiologist he officially recommends that young healthy people think twice about the vaccine because of that.

18-22 min — discussion of some stats you will NOT be seeing in the evening news or morning paper.

23 min — he says that which must not be said.

24 min — discusses natural immunity’s ongoing success in beating variants, and the media approach of providing hope rather than panic porn

25 min: Talks about early treatment with certain medications, and the dramatic success of that approach…

  • in every case, early treatment the spread is stopped
  • treating patients with multi-drug treatments reduces the duration of symptoms
  • reduces the spread dramatically
  • reduces hospitalization and death
  • even compares favorably to vaccines in putting the brakes on outbreaks

28-30 min — explains his grave concerns about effects of the booster

31 min — discusses WHO, early PCR testing, and a couple of key meetings in the early months of the pandemic — as well as ‘event 201’.

31:30-34 — series of red flags he associates with the booster are listed

35 min — a stat on which groups are really vaccine-averse, and it is not who we’ve been told it is.

39 min — Linking vaccines to freedoms

43 min — interesting observations of the background and funding sources of the people who have been opposing his efforts. Some big-money foundations with serious name recognition.

44 min — the speech he gave that reads like a dare

47 min — anecdote about his mother-in-law getting the jab without consent… and some similar stories

47 min — the closing question that he REALLY wants to see answered.