Dear Man Haters – Fathers Are A Great Blessing, You Morons

Written by Doug Giles on June 13, 2021

Does the dad still matter once the kid is conceived? The liberal left would tell us that’s the end of his usefulness, but what does the science say?

With father’s day fast approaching, it’s time to consider the question. Are families WITH father figures interchangeable with any other configuration that lacks one?

Does ‘dad’ mean something more than ‘DNA donor’? Should society care if groups like BLM want to abolish the traditional family?

The science is in… and it turns out that everything the rabid feminist man-haters have been filling young skulls full of mush with during school hours is off by exactly 180 degrees.

Dads are critical to the successful raising of children. And the ‘experts’ have known it all along.

Buckle up folks, here come some truth bombs that the man-haters in your circle will absolutely hate.

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