IRS Denies Texas Christian Group Charitable Status Because They Are ‘Too Partisan’

Written by Wes Walker on June 20, 2021

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Welcome to Obama’s Third Term. In case you were wondering what Joe would do for an encore after targeting TEA Party patriots and dragging Nuns to the Supreme Court, here’s your answer.

Joe is ‘super devout’ in his faith, doncha-know? Just ask any media flunkie. They’ll tell you all about the really big Bible he used at his inauguration. As for actually DEFENDING the rights of any American to live their faith without being harassed by the Federal Government, that’s a whole other story.

Unlike the LAST guy sitting behind that famous desk in the Oval Office, the new guy’s team thinks religious freedom should come with an asterisk. They are ALSO not the least bit shy about using the vast machinery of government power as a weapon against their political enemies.

Christians Engaged is fighting a ruling by the IRS that would deny it 501(c)(3) charitable status, on the grounds that they have been singled out for ‘viewpoint discrimination’… a dirty little trick in the bureaucratic toolbelt that any number of TEA Party orgs came face-to-face with during the lead-up to the 2012 election.

You can throw ‘religious discrimination’ into the mix as well.

The organization filed for the status in 2019 and received a notice of denial from IRS Exempt Organizations Director Stephen A. Martin on May 18.

The appeal argues that the IRS’ argument is flawed in three ways, namely that it invented “a nonexistent requirement that exempt organizations be neutral on public policy issues.”

The appeal contends that the agency wrongly assumed that “Christians Engaged primarily serves private, nonexempt purposes rather than public, exempt purposes because he thinks its beliefs overlap with the Republican Party’s policy positions.”

First Liberty Institute, a conservative legal nonprofit that often handles religious freedom litigation, filed the appeal on behalf of Christians Engaged. The appeal argues that the IRS engaged “in both viewpoint discrimination and religious discrimination.”

“Only a politicized IRS could see Americans who pray for their nation, vote in every election, and work to engage others in the political process as a threat,” said First Liberty Counsel Lea Patterson in a statement.

“The IRS violated its own regulations in denying tax exempt status because Christians Engaged teaches biblical values.” — ChristianPost

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