LMAO: Rep. Lauren Boebert Trolls VP Kamala Harris For Not Visiting The Southern Border

Written by Wes Walker on June 9, 2021

Recently, two politicians have shown an uncanny ability to leverage social media to advance a message: Trump and AOC. Who will fill the void now that Trump is silenced? We have a contender:

If Democrats thought that they could bully Boebert into complicit silence, they have seriously underestimated her.

It was her restaurant’s defiant response to her state’s lockdown measures that catapulted her to national prominence, together with her Second Amendment defiance against Beto’s pledge to take our guns. Does this sound like someone who’s easily bullied into silence?

One of the issues she has been taking a strong stand on is the Democrat’s willful neglect of border enforcement. That responsibility was handed over to Kamala because, we are told, the co-president is so very uber-competent.

Meanwhile, back in the real world…

Kamala has been carefully AWOL on the border.

With literally hundreds of thousands of people streaming over the border a month, the best effort she can muster is a trip to Guatemala with a tepid ‘please don’t come’. This had the effect of pissing off AOC because it offends her agenda.

In her grand speech when she got there, Harris couldn’t even say they would be turned back at the border without dropping in the weasel words ‘I believe’ to reduce them from an authoritative declaration to merely an expressed opinion. Don’t expect the adoring press to show THIS photo of the reception she got there:

She and the other Dems do NOT have an issue with the flood of people coming in. It fits their overall strategy. They have been leveraging the whole ‘easier to ask forgiveness than permission’ approach to their party’s longstanding practice of ‘fundamentally transforming’ America. It has worked in the past, and they’re betting on it working again.

Why is Kamala so desperate to avoid the border?

It’s simple. She’s afraid of the photo op, which would be powerfully damning evidence against the party in the 2022 election. It’s the same reason that governmental officials with legitimate oversight responsibilities have been denied access to the facilities, or that Biden’s admin sent some woman to stand in the way of the Senators when they tried to take photos of the children wrapped up like baked potatoes in overcrowded cells.

Bobert took a page out of AOC’s playbook

If Kamala won’t go to the border because she fears the photo op, just create an artifical viral moment at the border to embarrass her … like AOC tried to do during the whole ‘kids in cages’ issue she is suddenly no longer passionate about.

Here she is taking a cardboard cutout of ‘Cackling Kamala’ on a tour of the border to see what’s really going on down there.

Lauren gives a recap of ‘what’s up’ at the border. Kids abandoned to the cartels, sex trafficking, illegal entry and others. She lists what’s NOT up — enforcement, CPB budgets, respect for our border.

It’s a man-made crisis and she says so.

And then the coup-de-grace: ‘I want you to stand here and look at what you’ve done.’

If it goes viral and embarrasses her enough in the short term to actually DO something? Awesome.

But stunts like this are also great fodder and framing for the ads that are sure to start coming a little more than a year from now when it’s time to take back the House and Senate. Even if SHE doesn’t feel the heat, there are plenty of Democrats in purple districts that will.

Let’s keep tactics like this one coming. Dems have no innate sense of shame, but they DO understand public pressure and outrage. Make them play by their own damned rules for once.

Thanks, Lauren!

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