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WATCH: Vice President Kamala Harris Rolls Her Eyes When Asked If She’s Going To Visit The Border

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Uh-oh! It looks like somebody isn’t having as much fun as she thought she’d have as the Vice President.

Imagine having to answer the same question over and over again because there’s a problem and the plebs want to know what the administration is going to do about it.

The Vice President who has been named the Border Czar apparently has no plans to actually visit the southern border in the near future. She’s too busy hobnobbing and trying to find “root causes” of the sudden influx of illegal immigrants when all she’d have to do is look at the Biden-Harris administration’s new border policy and see that that is the root cause.

But, while she was rubbing elbows in Mexico, she was asked the question about visiting the border itself instead of just flying over it.

She was also asked about visiting the border by another reporter and she’s clearly losing patience.

Accountability is just so beneath her. (This would be a great place for a Willie Brown joke, but I’m going to try to be reasonably nice.)

Why would you want to go to the border and ask the people who have crossed illegally why they came, right? Maybe query those folks with the “Biden Let Us In” shirts, hmmm? Can’t have that. That would make sense.

VP Harris’s eye-rolling follows her dismissive response to NBC’s Lester Holt when he asked her the same question. She laughed and said that she hadn’t been to Europe, either.

The New York Slime and the White House Press Secretary teamed up in the White House Briefing Room to make this a “Republicans pounce” story.

That’s a particularly disgusting bit of hackery there on the part of Katie Rogers. Back in the olden days, reporters wanted to get past the obfuscation of powerful political figures.

Kamala Harris is a known liar. Either that or she’s a time-traveling weed smoker who tossed people in jail for possession of pot, then panders by not knowing anything about the musicians she supposedly likes. We know this.

We also know that she has a “tell” when she’s lying. It’s not quite as disturbing as Hillary’s bug-eye moments, but it’s close. When Kamala lies, she starts up her witchy cackling.

This is how Kamala Harris handles questions that she doesn’t want to answer. She repeats one line, laughs her incredibly fake laugh, and completely ignores the actual question.

There she is again, cackling like Witch Hazel from Looney Toons.

Hazel would probably be more competent in dealing with the border issue and she’d be less annoying. Heck, she might even go to the border with all those children there.

Speaking of the border…

Rep. Lauren Boebert went down to McAllen, Texas, and thought that Kamala should be there, too.

LMAO: Rep. Lauren Boebert Trolls VP Kamala Harris For Not Visiting The Southern Border

Great trolling!

K. Walker

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