Mysteries Swirl Around John McAfee’s Death In Prison … Shades Of Jeffery Epstein

Written by Wes Walker on June 24, 2021

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John McAfee’s death in a Spanish Prison is being described as ‘suicide’. But there’s a problem with that — and it has something to do with his tattoo.

To call John McAfee a ‘colorful’ personality doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. He was equal parts brilliant and bizarre.

The guy who made his fortune selling software to protect computers from viruses rode a roller coaster ride of both fame and infamy, got involved with some sketchy people, and may (or may not) have lost his entire fortune through bad decisions. Whether that fortune is actually gone or not would depend on how much of his wealth you believe he shifted into cryptocurrencies.

McAfee was arrested last October and spending time in a Spanish Prison. What may be the most ‘normal’ part of this whole story is the white-collar crime that he’s been accused of committing.

The Justice Department said on Monday that Mr. McAfee’s extradition from Spain to the United States was “pending.” It did not provide a timeline, and Mr. McAfee could not immediately be reached for comment on Tuesday.
Prosecutors accused Mr. McAfee of failing to file tax returns from 2014 to 2018, even as he earned millions from “promoting cryptocurrencies, consulting work, speaking engagements and selling the rights to his life story for a documentary,” according to a June indictment in the U.S. court in Tennessee that the Justice Department unsealed on Monday.
The indictment said Mr. McAfee had evaded his tax liability by accepting payments through bank accounts and cryptocurrency exchange accounts that others set up. It also said he had tried to dodge the Internal Revenue Service by dealing extensively in cryptocurrency and buying assets — including real estate and a yacht — in other people’s names.
Each count of tax evasion carries a maximum prison sentence of five years, and each count of failure to file carries a maximum one-year sentence. — NYTimes

The weird part of his story (well, for the purposes of this reporting, anyway, there are plenty of weird chapters to the life of a man who once claimed to have attempted coitus with a whale) happened AFTER the arrest, while he was actually IN prison.

Remember all of the ‘Epstein didn’t kill himself memes?’

Brace yourself for another round of those. This time, they will be featuring John McAfee. Because he just turned up dead in prison. Officials are calling his death — you guessed it — suicide.

Software tycoon John McAfee, who died from an apparent suicide in a Spanish jail cell Wednesday, sent a cryptic tweet last year that if he was found hanged behind bars like Jeffrey Epstein, “it would be no fault of mine.” — NYPost

Now we’re getting to the weird stuff. Like the way that official pronouncement of his death conflicts with this official tweet in October…

Or how about this tweet?

Whether it was real or invented, there was no shortage of drama in his life. This tweet puts us firmly in the ‘government conspiracy’ category.

And just in case that wasn’t already enough chum in the water for the internet to feast on for churning up wild conspiracies, there was what showed up on his social medial a mere 30 minutes after his death was announced.

This was on his Instagram account:

The letter Q?

Buckle up folks.

If you thought this year was weird before, it’s about to get a lot weirder.

There’s also another tweet about a DM he had with a public personality that we could include her, but since the guy who published it is clearly getting nervous about the potential danger to his person, we will not include it here.

Suffice to say it has something to do with the ‘Epstein didn’t kill himself’ topic, but the conversation didn’t ever go on from there.