Partisan Presstitutes: Interior Dep’t IG Report Shows Lafayette Park WASN’T Cleared For A Trump Photo Op After All

Written by K. Walker on June 10, 2021

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So…when do the apologies start rolling out? Don’t hold your breath.

The Democrats and their sycophantic hacks in the Corporate Media will not offer a proper mea culpa. If they bother to acknowledge that they were wrong at all, the microscopic “correction” will be buried and never get the same attention as the original claim.

This incident, however, was directed at painting the Bad Orange Man as a Hitleresque white supremacist dictator who didn’t care about democracy or the rights of “mostly” peaceful protesters. Pay no attention to the fact that the reason that Trump went to the historic St. John’s Episcopal Church was that the basement had been set on fire the night before.

The news coverage was wall-to-wall and it was all the same — the protesters were cleared from Lafayette Park on June 1 with flash-bangs and “tear gas” because President Trump wanted a photo op at the church.

High-profile Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, then-Senator Kamala Harris, and then-Presidential-hopeful Joe Biden all condemned Trump for his authoritarianism for clearing the park “for a photo op.” Pelosi was outraged on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and asked, “What is this, a banana republic?”

Well, we now know that the entire narrative is not true. According to a report by the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Inspector General, the protesters were cleared in order to install crowd control fencing due to damage that was caused on May 30 and 31 during the George Floyd riots in D.C.

This report presents a thorough, independent examination of that evidence to assess the [U.S. Park Police]’s decision making and operations, including a detailed timeline of relevant actions and an analysis of whether the USPP’s actions complied with governing policies. The evidence we reviewed showed that the USPP cleared the park to allow a contractor to safely install antiscale fencing in response to destruction of Federal property and injury to officers that occurred on May 30 and May 31. Moreover, the evidence established that relevant USPP officials had made those decisions and had begun implementing the operational plan several hours before they knew of a potential Presidential visit to the park, which occurred later that day. As such, we determined that the evidence did not support a finding that the USPP cleared the park on June 1, 2020, so that then President Trump could enter the park.

Source: DOI (Emphasis Added)

Mollie Hemingway reported in The Federalist that the entire media narrative was wrong on June 2, 2020. She was right. Again.

But just how awful was the press? The Daily Caller put together a supercut of the coverage.

FYI…Daniel Dale is a CNN reporter that allegedly “fact-checks” the President.

Speaking of fact-checking and president…

The media coverage of this incident caused another protest in Lafayette Park the next night.

FAKE NEWS: Massive Protest In D.C. Driven By Bogus Anti-Trump News Story

The Corporate Media quite literally caused more unrest because of “fake news.”

These are the same people that say that conservative media is beyond the pale and should be wiped off of the face of the Earth. These are disingenuous, censorious hacks that have a political ax to grind against their ideological opponents, and they’re so afraid that if people see both sides, they’ll see the flaws and they’ll lose support. That’s why they have to create a narrative and silence the opposition. And you know what? It’s working.

They’re never held accountable, and their blatantly unfair coverage of the Trump administration certainly influenced voters in November 2020.

Trump was right…”fake news” is the enemy of the people, and fake news is what the Corporate Media is peddling.

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