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WATCH: Asian Woman Walking In NYC Chinatown Slugged In The Face In Random Attack

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Surveillance video outside the restaurant captured the brutal attack.

On Monday, an Asian woman walking outside a restaurant in NYC was punched in the face by a black man knocking her to the ground.

Surveillance video posted on Twitter by Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou, whose district covers Chinatown, captured the horrifying daytime assault on Bayard Street, near Mott Street.

The 55-year-old victim can be seen walking by the Kong Sihk Tong café at around 6:15 p.m. — when a man in an orange hoodie and denim jacket whacks her unprovoked.

The woman falls backward onto the pavement, and the attacker begins ranting as two people dining outside sit in stunned silence, the footage shows.
Source: New York Post

Bystanders at an outdoor table can be seen on the video sitting in stunned silence immediately after the attack.

The attacker stands there as a small crowd gathers around the woman on the ground.

One man asks her if she’s OK, but the woman doesn’t respond or move.

The woman was taken to NewYork-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital in stable condition.

Police escorted the woman who was visibly shaken and her daughter home later.

Her daughter told the NY Post that she is “doing OK.”

According to NYPD, the suspect was apprehended at the scene and taken to Bellevue Hospital for psychiatric evaluation. Charges are pending.

Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou tweeted an update that the woman is “conscious and cognizant and alert” and that the hate crimes task force has been contacted as the incident is being investigated.

Chiu Cheng, a 24-year-old waiter, said the eatery was busy when the woman was assaulted, but that he saw her sitting on the ground and covering her head.

He called on the city to assign more cops to the area, amid an uptick in crimes against New Yorkers of Asian descent.

“I feel nervous and scared,” Cheng told The Post.

Donald Ng, who works in the area, said that Mayor Bill de Blasio “needs to do something about this mental health issue.”

“He just randomly attacked a woman,” said Ng, 44, about the suspect. “I wish I was there to apprehend the f–ker.”
Source: New York Post

John Cardillo, a former member of the NYPD, drops an inconvenient truth bomb…

Great work, by Assemblywoman Niou! Her decision to not keep violent criminals in jail has contributed to this spike in violence. If your goal was to not keep your constituents safe, well, Mission Accomplished!

The Corporate Media has been making a big deal about anti-Asian hate…but the acts don’t seem to reflect their narrative.

In the wake of the Atlanta Spa shooting, there was a concerted effort by the Corporate Media to paint the anti-Asian hate as racist acts committed by white people, but at least in NYC, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The Daily Mail reports that anti-Asian hate crimes are surging in NYC. According to NYPD, 86 incidents of anti-Asian hate crimes have been reported to authorities this year. This is a steep jump from just 19 at the same time last year.

Several other recent random attacks against Asians in NYC include:

All of the perpetrators of those attacks were black.

The Corporate Media was desperate to spin this spike in anti-Asian hate as the result of former President Trump’s use of the term “China virus” to describe the coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China.

While President Trump did indeed make many inroads into the black community in the last election. it’s unlikely that these attackers are all staunch Trump supporters blaming all Asians for the coronavirus.

Perhaps there is something else going on here.

If we had an honest Corporate Media that was more concerned with facts than narrative, perhaps we’d know what that is, and it could be addressed. Instead, we have a media that wants to insist that one particular group is responsible for the spike in anti-Asian hate based (mainly) on one high-profile incident that the police investigating it say that race wasn’t a factor.

Meanwhile, Asians in NYC are living in fear of attack because they could be knocked out with a random sucker punch on the street for “walking while Asian.”

Great job, Corporate Media.

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