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Denver School Board Member And BLM Activist Steps Down Amid Allegations He Sexually Abused Up To 62 Children

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If these allegations hold up — and there are 62 of them — this is the worst kind of exploitation of the very group he claims to care the most about. Minorities.

Don’t the lives of young migrants matter?

The allegations are being made against Tay Anderson, 22, who had been a school-board member serving in Denver. He is stepping down amid a serious series of allegations that center around the leveraging of the dubious immigration status of children for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

Denver parent Mary-Katherine Fleming, who works with sex-crime victims, had told state legislators last week that 62 students confided in her that Anderson subjected them to a range of unwanted sex acts ranging from forcible touching to “violent” rape. His youngest reported alleged victim was 14.

Fleming, who did not name Anderson at the time, testified that all but one of the victims was either an undocumented immigrant or enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

According to the Denver Post, the school board later acknowledged that the allegations were levied against Anderson.

…The board member was already facing separate accusations of sexual assault after a local Black Lives Matter chapter said in March that a woman told them he had abused her. He denied that claim.

…“Those who came to my home did not have health insurance, couldn’t afford emergency rooms, and even if they could, they wanted to avoid mandatory report[ing] for fear that such an interaction could jeopardize their family,” she testified.–NYPost

The BLM activist’s lawyer then made the most ironic of statements.

Anderson’s lawyer, Christopher Decker, said in a statement Saturday that his client was being prematurely vilified.

“He looks forward to defending himself from these false claims just as soon as they emerge from anonymity into the light of fair investigation,” Decker said in a statement. —NYPost

In the American justice system, the innocence of the accused is to be presumed until otherwise proven. But according to the doctrine and practices of his own movement, the accusation is tantamount to guilt — whether that accusation is ‘racism’, ‘murder’ or anything in between.

If his movement accuses you of a crime, you are guilty, facts be damned.

For example, even the Obama administration’s DOJ concluded that there was insufficient evidence to prove that the officer who shot Michael Brown had committed an actual crime. That doesn’t stop the BLM movement from citing Brow as a ‘murder’ statistic.

The left made a big show during the Kavanaugh case of ‘believing the victim’ (when it suits them), marring the reputation of a sitting judge who had gone through many FBI background checks for his previous positions.

So whose standard does Anderson want us to apply in evaluating whether he is presumed guilty or innocent?

Does he want us to apply the Presumption of Innocence found in the system he is actively working to tear down? Or does he want us to apply the Presumption of Guilt that his organization applies to others?

You don’t really get to have it both ways.

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck