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WATCH: Biden Brought His Special Staff-Prepared ‘Cards’ To Geneva Summit With Putin

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This is not a good look, Joe!

Before the much-anticipated (at least by the Corporate Media) Biden-Putin summit in Geneva, the press captured President Biden reaching for his White House printed flashcards to help keep his facts straight.

That would be Lesson 1 in what not to do in the presence of Vladimir Putin.

President Biden, formerly of the “Russian Reset” administration which seemed to embolden the Putin administration in screwing around on the world stage, is now suddenly concerned about the threat that Russia has on the very same world stage.

The Democrats and their sycophants in the Corporate Media have been ginning up the Russian threat for the last few years while ignoring the very real threat of China attempting to usurp the United States as the global hegemon. (Might that be because of Beijing Biden’s son’s “business” ties to the Chinese Communist Party?)

That doesn’t mean that Russia shouldn’t be made to answer for giving “tacit blessing” to hackers who have targeted both our energy and food supplies in the last few weeks. Appearing strong in front of Putin is important, but this isn’t exactly the Cold War 2.0…at least not with Russia.

While the media falls over each other for this “historic” summit, going so far as to interview the person vacuuming the red carpet…

…let’s remember that it was Biden’s tough talk in March that raised the bar on this meeting. That was when Biden told former Clinton-operative-turned-journalist George Stephanopoulos that in a conversation with Vladimir Putin, he told the former Lieutenant Colonel of the KGB that he had no soul.

Putin responded by challenging Biden to a live, televised debate. Biden’s team said he was “too busy” to accept.

Only the Democrats and the Corporate Media believe that Biden said something so boldly to Putin. Joe Biden doesn’t even believe it.

That’s pretty clear with this rather astounding display of backpedaling on Monday at the G7.

On Wednesday, the moment finally arrived much to the delight of the Corporate Media.

President Biden shuffles forward to shake hands with a very pleased Vladimir Putin.

It became rather chaotic as the media — who have been starved from access to the U.S. President — caused a bit of chaos shouting questions at the leaders.

But early on, you can see Biden grab his specially-prepared cards while Putin was talking.

When he was at the G7 in Cornwall, England, earlier this week, a zoom-in of the cards he was holding then show that they have prepared answers and anti-Trump talking points on them.

The chaos continued, and while Biden was talking tough before the face-to-face, he is showing that he caves when it counts.

Let’s remember that former President Trump was lambasted and basically called Putin’s bitch for wanting to work with Russia on some things instead of going in with a hostile attitude and guns a’ blazin’ and attempt to negotiate after that. Better to go in firm on certain things and willing to negotiate on others.

Multiple reporters are saying the same thing.

But, White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield is already pushing back on these reports.

Who do you believe? It’s like choosing between arsenic and hemlock, but if I had to guess, I’d say the press was actually right here, much to their chagrin. Biden has no spine whatsoever and cannot stand up to foreign leaders. Heck, he can’t even stand up to his very troubled, drug-addled, influence-peddling, degenerate son or his controlling staff. Biden always says he’s going to “get in trouble” for taking questions from the press.

But this meeting so far is absolute gold for Vladimir Putin. He looks strong and Biden looks weak.

Somehow, I don’t think this Time Magazine cover is going to age well.

K. Walker

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