WATCH: Biden Calls Hispanics ‘Latinx’ And Assumes That They’re All Illegal Aliens — Is That Racist?

Written by K. Walker on June 25, 2021

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For his entire career, Joe Biden has largely been given a pass for his clearly bigoted statements no matter how outrageous they are. What will it take for the Corporate Media to call him out on it?

Nothing so far has been enough to stop the Media (D)’s fawning coverage of Biden.

Mushy-brained Joe keeps saying racist things out loud and the Corporate Media just ignores it.

The latest instance was on Thursday when he used the term “Latinx” to refer to Hispanic Americans and then implied that there was vaccine hesitancy because they were afraid of being deported once vaccinated.

Does Joe not realize that there are Hispanic Americans that are in the country legally?


It’s unsurprising that Biden would use the term “Latinx” to refer to the Hispanic community. He probably hadn’t heard of it until his handlers told him to use it.

Hispanics don’t even like the “woke” term “Latinx” and they’ve made that pretty clear. A Pew Research survey in August 2020 showed that only 1 in 4 Hispanics had heard of “Latinx” and only about 3% use it. A progressive research firm in November 2019 conducted a national poll and found that 98% of Hispanics preferred any of the other 6 terms to refer to their ethnicity. Despite this, a lot of (mainly) white leftists continue to push the term onto them because their condescending leftism insists that they’re right and the poor, oppressed members of the “Latinx” community just don’t know what’s good for them.

Joe Biden has been doing this sort of thing for years. From his admiration to KKK recruiter Robert Byrd and his pride in working well with segregationists in the Senate to his weird praise of Obama as a “clean” black candidate in 2008 and his “you ain’t black” comment to black voters in 2020, Joe just can’t stop saying racist things. Even when running for President he said that “poor kids are just as smart and capable of white kids” yet believes that black and Hispanic people don’t know how to use the internet to book a vaccine appointment or raise their kids. As President, he said that black entrepreneurs don’t know how to hire an accountant or lawyer when launching a small business. These are glimpses into his messed-up, bigoted thinking.

And we keep seeing it over and over:

The Corporate Media largely ignores it, unless they’re shamed into covering it when his statement sparks significant outrage like the “you ain’t black” line.

A few outlets are covering the social media backlash from Hispanics who don’t like the woke, “gender-neutral” term “Latinx” and the insinuation that they’re all illegal immigrants.

Joe Biden is one of those liberals that believes that he needs to come to the rescue of the poor, oppressed minorities who cannot succeed at anything without help. It’s a vile view that doesn’t see each person as an individual but lumps them into groups based on race and some groups are just more capable than others. Unfortunately, it’s typical for those on the left.

It’s not just incredibly insulting, it’s also condescending to think that minorities need liberal white people to change the rules to help them succeed, and yet, that encapsulates Joe Biden’s history when it comes to addressing race.

And the Corporate Media Democrat cheerleaders will give him another pass when he should be called out on it.

Of course. The Corporate Media has been fangirling this administration even though it’s nowhere near as accessible as the last administration that they vilified.

They’re not journalists, they’re cheerleaders.

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